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Podcast: The Forest Passage – Episode 11 – Best of 2011-2015



This episode we look back at our favorite releases from the past five years, expanding on our contributions to the Heathen Harvest Best of the Quinquennium feature article. Along the way we also discuss cross-genre experimentation, post-black metal vs. traditional black metal, Barry Manilow’s evil twin, tracksuits, and Space Jam.

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Episode notes:

Kamaedzitca – Безмолвные слова твои
Genocide Organ – Under Kontrakt
Cóndor – Duin (2015)
Nathan Gray – NTHN GRY (2015)
Rome – A Passage to Rhodesia (2014)
Cult of Youth – Final Days (2014)
Molotkh – Black March Saga (2013)
David E. Williams – Trust No Scaffold Built of this Bone (2013)
Kawir – Isotheos (2012)
Propergol – Paradise Land (2012)
Zhaoze – 1911 (2011)
Brighter Death Now – Very Little Fun (2011)
Space Jam Official Website