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Inhuman – Conquerors of the New World

Conquerors of the New World

Conquerors of the New World

But I am prepared, for this means war. Strike back for revenge, they will fall first.’ —’Feed on Human Flesh’

Inhuman is one of the rare few relevant metal projects to hail from Costa Rica, sitting alongside fellow countrymen and labelmates Alastor Sanguinary Embryo and Ancient Spheres. With Conquerors of the New World, Inhuman have tried to show the world their tech-metal skills and strengths against the odds that their location stacks against them.

Inhuman certainly know their stuff; from the first seconds of the title track to the last moments of ‘Stabbed to Death’—which clocks in at about eight-and-a-half minutes—the men from Costa Rica do not waste one moment before proving that they are able to combine brutality with intelligent songwriting. Hear, for example, the track ‘Extermination by Depopulation’: A complex opening slowly evolves into brutal blast-beats, deep growls, and extremely sharp riffs. Just when this pure aggression begins to become too repetitive and boring, Inhuman throw in an interesting break, change the pace of the song, and then erupt into a guitar solo in order to bring the song home. Perfectly played and staged!

More examples of this intelligent songwriting easily come with ‘America Rises’, which begins with a grooving rhythm that gets buried underneath the brutality of classic death metal. Another solid example is ‘The Chalice’, which starts typically with a standard riff and rhythm, but features impressive leads during the middle passage that give the track a perfect edge. No doubt, these are only the peaks of an excellent album. Conquerors of the New World is not only good when special or unexpected elements appear, but also when it pays homage to the classic death metal traditions and virtues. Not a single one of these songs is boring or uninspired—only killers and no fillers!

‘They say we don’t belong. They say we are not. They took our name for their own greed, stole our identity, and we bowed and obeyed.’ —’America Rises’



Apart from the typical death metal tropes that define virtually every album that comes out of the genre, there is another side to Inhuman that can be found on Conquerors of the New World. They take on an all-too-rare honest, political focus on the cruelties of colonisation and genocide as well as the struggle for liberation that indigenous Central Americans have faced. This seems to be a broad topic that has returned with vigor to the metal world in the last few years. Black metal fans will know that Volahn and part of the Black Twilight Circle also write lyrics about the struggle for freedom and the recapturing of traditional and cultural values which have been lost during colonisation and because of the modern world’s increasing focus on consumerism.

Get the engines running now. Let the smoke reach the sky. Dispose until all is drained and consumed. Uproot the trees, slay the fauna, domesticate.’ —’Conquerors of the New World’

As seen through the above quote, Inhuman offer a fascinating mixture of environmentalism, the struggle for freedom, and the same violence-infused themes that dominate the death metal genre. All of this has been fused together into an aggressive and brutal, yet never dull nor boring album. One could say that listening to Inhuman is like listening to the final era of Death with a clear social and cultural message. If Inhuman were from Europe, they would have already attained a respectable level of success among their contemporaries. Conquerors of the New World is an excellent sophomore effort which will no doubt inspire any fan of the genre that manages to stumble across this obscure gem.


Track List:

01) Conquerors of the New World
02) Soulless Dead Eyes
03) Hold Your Crucifix
04) Extermination by Depopulation
05) Feed on Human Flesh
06) America Rises
07) The Chalice
08) Stabbed to Death

Rating: 8.5/10
Written by: Jonathan R.
Satanath Records (Russia) / SAT130 / CD, Digital
Sevared Records (United States) / SR-308 / CD
Technical Death Metal