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EXCLUSIVE: Premiering the Video for Deutsch Nepal’s “Alcohology Superior”

Deutsch Nepal | Credit: Sentireascoltare

Deutsch Nepal | Credit: Sentireascoltare

It’s been an uncomfortably long duration since the always-reliable Lithuanian imprint Autarkeia issued Deutsch Nepal‘s previous opus, Amygdala, in the spring of 2011, but Lina Baby Doll aka Peter Andersson has finally returned to us to drop a full slate of debauchery and degeneracy with Alcohology, which is slated for release on Andersson’s own Entartete Musikk in approximately one week.  A long-time partner of Cold Meat IndustryOld Europa Cafe, and Staalplaat amongst others, you should already be well aware of what to expect from Deutsch Nepal, but just in case you needed reminding, Dominic F. Marceau of F Squared Media was recently given the opportunity to create a video for Alcohology‘s lead-off track, “Alcohology Superior.”  Featuring layered CCTV footage of a wide array of drunken brawls and assaults, we think the video more or less speaks for itself.

S. L. Weatherford

From the Label:

Deutsch Nepal and Lina Baby Doll are back after five years of retreat into the Swedish woods with a new album, Alcohology. Obviously in between (or even during) the recordings there was some definite examination of bottles and the liquor they contained, and it with that inspiration that the object for the album became the impact which alcohol might have on people when consumed.

Alcohology primarily contains slow, pounding industrial music in the vein that should be familiar to all Deutsch Nepal fanatics—a sound which was clearly heard on his previous album, Amygdala. Swirling mirrors of looped sounds are loosely glued together with pounding or haunting beats and followed with simple melodic input. The dystopian vocals present a surrealistic scenario that is intended to build up inside your head while listening.



The album take off with the opening track, “Alcohology Superior,” which may be existential praise to the misery of a meaningless life as seen through a lens that is decorated with boredom, violence, and of course, a heaping portion of alcohol. The track is followed by the bombastic description of celestial visions that might strike one under intoxication in “To the Earth”: “and falling asleep outside the liquor store one day“ together with a hungry Python. The dangers of the consumption of alcohol continues as a theme throughout the remainder of the album and ends with a re-recording of “Erosion” from the album of the same name from 1999, where the impact these fluids have are seen quite clearly not only on the human body, but also on Mother Earth herself.

Though a frequent appearance on stage alone or together with others in different constellations, releases from Deutsch Nepal are comparably rare, so don’t miss this chance for a fresh new album on Entartete Musikk.


Entartete Musikk | Deutsch Nepal | F Squared Media