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An Open Call for New Contributors


It’s no big secret that the ease of recording at home today has allowed virtually anyone who has any interest in music to become a bedroom musician.  Beyond that, and outside of running a label, the idea of manning a position in any other important part of a healthy “scene” seems to have lost its sheen with most people, and it’s easy to see how this has negatively affected the quality of music ‘zines both physical and digital.  Writing on music, literature, and culture can be difficult and time-consuming, and ultimately puts one in a place that is simultaneously at the core of and somehow separate from the subjects one loves.  I’m of the opinion, however, that music journalism is a necessary part of the equation, and that its absence heralds a void that isn’t easily filled by the music alone.

It’s also no secret that we’ve struggled as of late to find adequate new blood to add to our ranks.  As hard as we have tried to keep up with the post-industrial underground since rebooting four years ago, it has proven to be a nearly impossible task.  The genre is far too vast, and the group of intelligent participants within it who have any interest in supporting it through writing grows thinner every year.

It is with that said that we are reaching out to our readership with an open call for help.  While our contributing staff is arguably as strong as it has ever been, we simply haven’t been able to acquire the numbers to keep up.  Endeavors of quality clearly take more time to realize their work.  If you consider yourself intelligent and have any interest in neofolk, industrial, power electronics, noise, dark ambient, experimental, post-punk, darkwave, extreme metal, neoclassical, post-rock, psychedelic, or dark electronic music, and you feel you’d have time to submit at least one article of 300 words or more per month, please, get in touch.  We’re not just looking for new reviewers; we are looking for interviewers, editorialists, visual art writers, political commentators, and others.

If interested, simply email [email protected], and we’ll get you all the information you need.  If you find yourself “on the fence,” consider jumping down on the side of giving it a try.  We cannot do this without you, after all; nor can a healthy scene exist without .  Thank you for your consideration.