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Exclusive Podcast: The Forest Passage – Episode 7



Halloween 2015


We’ve got a Halloween mixtape episode this month, featuring some death industrial and nocturnal ambient soundscapes from Megaptera, Brighter Death Now, Navicon Torture Technologies, Steel Hook Prostheses, T.O.M.B./Vomit Arsonist, and more.

Direct Download


Megaptera – The Offering
Brighter Death Now – Soul In Flames
Mz.412 – Vampiir Of The North
Gnaw Their Tongues – Le Chant De La Mort
Navicon Torture Technologies – The Pit
Steel Hook Prostheses – Awaken Limbness
Funerary Call – On Locust Winds
Gruntsplatter – Inhospitable Genetics And The Mythology Of Monsters
T.O.M.B. & The Vomit Arsonist – Necropolis (Succor Version)
Dissecting Table – Cosmic Death