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After Two Years of Silence Tarkovsky Green Release ‘Music Feeds Stars’ by Die Geister Beschwören


After two years of silence Tarkovsky Green announce their latest release ‘Music Feeds Stars’ by Die Geister Beschwören, ‘Music Feeds Stars’ will see it’s first physical release as a strictly limited tape which will be available as of November 1st, 2015. Die Geister Beschwören (“call up the ghosts”) is an exploration of primitive folk, field recordings and instrumentation collected from around the globe.

Die Geister Beschwören first materialized from behind the redwood curtain in northern california and has been observed developing modestly alongside the psychedelic roller coaster, datura blues. while datura blues satisfies a collective effort and engages in more grandiose musical pursuits, die geister beschwören demonstrates an enthusiasm for ethnomusicology with comaraderie towards the new weird america.


‘A moongazing hare is sitting on its back paws, looking to the sky and the moon. As a symbol, this creature is connected to Spring, as well as the shifting lunar phases, bringing new beginnings and a more fertile future. It is as thus connected to change, which may come from harsh beginnings and bitter ends. Such is the journey Moongazing Hare leads us into on Sunderland Valves, a creation springing from the departure from both a loved place and a marriage. Musician and artist David Folkman Drost is the man behind it, blending instruments, elements and vocals into something called psych-noise-folk-soundscapes by the label. To me it comes across as an obvious talent for folk inspired singer-songwriting meeting a love for sampling and mixing sounds, together building something hard to grasp, yet beautiful.’- Heathen Harvest

The Sunderland Valves is the debut album from Danish artist and musician David Folkmann Drost which was recorded during his move away from the quiet isle of Fanø. With his drone-based approach tying together diverse strands of British and American folk music Moongazing Hare manages to conjure otherworldly atmospheres that are always counterbalanced by wonderful songs.

The album documents the dissolution of a marriage and a departure from a beloved place, and consequently the songs tackle regret, grief and despair. The homemade production and vulnerable recording-style certainly plays a part in creating a warm and intimate field of sound. All of this serves the overall feeling of listening to something very special and uniquely human.-via Darla