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New and Forthcoming Releases: Caligula031, Death Pact International, Solco Chiuso, and a Slogun / Wertham Split


Collaboration CD between NYC true crime legend Slogun and Italo-anti-socialite Wertham. 10 tracks featuring collaborations and stand-alone tracks by both projects, focusing on different atmospheres, ranging from full-blast power electronics to constructed atmospheric industrial, completed with constant vocal assaults.

Balistreri and Deplano were inspired for this work by their family backgrounds, turf related animosities and to situations where you know you can count only on your next of kin, blood of the same blood, flesh of the same flesh.

Available in digipack and 12 page booklet with full text. Artwork by John Balistreri.  Co-produced with Old Europa Cafe.


Caligula031 – Private Venus (Lake Shark Harsh Noise #08)


Caligula031 is back with an all-new release for Lake Shark Harsh Noise with a 40 minute trip in the surroundings of Lugano Paradiso, the notorious Italian Swiss red light zone where men of any age are willing to spend a big amount of what they earn for tasting flowers of flesh coming mostly from the East. Fierce, minimal, intense hatecore electronics with vocals covered under layers of analog noise.

“Most of the people who are opposed to the sex industry and sex work are feminist lesbians with a holier-than-thou prudish attitude towards the industry. I don’t deal with street prostitutes. The ladies I include are well-respected for their unique services and private venues and they all are in a job they want to be in and enjoy.” – George McCoy

Recorded and mixed in 2015 and Nerolidio and Istituto di Elettronica Radicale – Como – Insubria.

Edition of 105.
Housed in standard LSHN OEC / Slaughter style card cover in a ziplock bag.
Includes 3 double sided 8.5″ x 11″ inserts featuring lyrics, imagery and more.


Additional News:

The Encyclopedia of Radical Electronics has been postponed due to both technical reasons, time limitations, and a change of suppliers.  Reservations will be taken once everything is at the pressing plant. Only 100 copies will be printed, each project will get 4 copies and very few will be available wholesale. so, once this release becomes available act quickly.


Two releases from Caligula031, first is Amria which will be released on tape via Wrath in three versions:  (tape, tape + dvd, tape+dvd+vhs). Second is Topography of Smut Vol.1, for this release C031 goes back to where it was born. Filth and Violence will release this collection of the first two tapes Albanian Meat Market (F&V) and Domino (Nil By Mouth), plus two new unreleased tracks, with extensive text and full color layout.

Then two more tapes (Galerianki, on the so called Polish mall girls and one on the French sex trade) and the new full length CD “The Smut Sommeliers”, which is based on the source material provided for The Rita’s “Escorting” boxset. There are several other releases planned. A collaboration 7” with Dead Body Collection, a few tapes and the mixing is almost finished on Balkan Delights, a 120 minutes boxset about the Balkan Wars, and the consequent human trafficking from that region.


Next releases will be Lombroso III, out on Nil By Mouth and the second full length CD Bodies Under Siege. None of these will be immediately available. Apart from Vindicta III, Wertham’s next collaboration with a notorious German industrial project. Pure 90’s European heay weight PE/Industrial.

Death Pact International 

Italian cult label Butcher’s House is going to release a DPI Italia vinyl with several projects involved between September and November, 2015.  A new tape involving The Grey Wolves, Wertham, Barrikad and Uncodified is planned for the next months for Nil By Mouth. Elettronica Radicale Edizioni is also planning to make available backing tracks and other material to be used freely to set up your DPI gigs/releases.



Marco Deplano has recently contributed sounds and vocals to Human Textures by Solco Chiuso, a new noise/experimental project hailing from Sicily and obscure industrial combo  Satanismo Calibro 9, from Milan.

Marco has also contributed to CrucifEgo, a musical trip depicting a complete spiritual path, as explained in the teachings of the New Processean Order. This spiritual journey starts with the “Crucifixion of the ego” and end with the “Exit.” Other musicians involved in this project are: Alessandro Papa (Healter skelter and ex Mondo Bizzarro gallery), Simon Balestrazzi (ex Kirlian Camera, ex T.A.C., Candor Chasma, Dream Weapon Ritual), Marcello Fraioli (Ain Soph, Spectre), Corrado Altieri (Uncodified, Candor Chasma, TH26), ClauDEDI (ex Ain Soph), Gabriel Marzi (Dolpo) and more…

Pre-orders are being taken nowCrucifEgo will be released by End of Kali Yuga editions in three versions.

Foresta Di Ferro and John Murphy 

‘As most of you already know, the one and only John Murphy left us, leaving an unsettling sense of emptiness surrounding us. I won’t repeat what I have already said elsewhere, but we were all gutted, yet we are sure John will still be with us for the years to come since he left an enormous amount of material, thoughts, sounds, influences and memories, both at personal level than as music-partner.

Due to John’s loss, we have decided to place the works of the forthcoming “Might Be Never, May Be Forever” album on  hold until at least the next year. John had already contributed many sounds and we hoped to either meet or record percussions separately, this winter.

Our thoughts go to his wife Annie and his closest circle of friends who have been close to John during the last days on this planet.

Next in the pipeline:

The Rita: Raymonda (Stage arrangement for women) CD (December)
VVAA: Encyclopedia of radical electronics I (Hopefully December)
Uncodified/Wertham: Vindicta III CD (First quarter 2016)