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D. Marceau Continues Tear Across Underground with New Videos for Northumbria & Compactor

Dominic F. Marceau

Dominic F. Marceau

As a subject that we hit away on recently in our interview with Gretchen Heinel, who has directed videos for everyone from Theologian to Lord Mantis, it is understandably the musicians and the labels who get virtually all of the attention in the underground, but there are plenty of people hard at work crafting their own art in order to assist others with theirs.  Indeed, when falling in love with new music, few people consider the painter behind the artwork, the writer behind the promotional text, or the director behind a video.  Among those who operate behind the scenes is the Canadian Dominic F. Marceau, proprietor of F Squared Media and the clever mind behind videos for Synapscape, the Vomit Arsonist, Yen Pox, Naxal Protocol, Sewer Goddess, Void Vision, and United Front, among many others.  It goes without saying that his dedication has proven to be vast, and his ability to decipher and reconstruct an artist’s aural intentions has begun to give rise to his name within the post-industrial underground.

Over the past week, Marceau has premiered new videos for Cryo Chamber artist Northumbria, whose “Ostara” you may remember from our own premiere back in March, and Derek Rush‘s Compactor, who is also known for his work in Dream Into Dust and A Murder of Angels.  You can view both below.

—Text by S. L. Weatherford



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