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Blå Ild Over Trondheim 3: September 12, 2015.

bildBlåsvart Aften and Hellfire are joining forces again to bring you the third edition of Norway’s only festival dedicated to neofolk, dark ambient, neo-classical and martial. This time the festival is moved from springtime to autumn, a season probably more fitting the theme of the festival.

This year, as previous years, we have a great program prepared for you. As usual we divide the night between 2 dark ambient acts and 2 neofolk/martial acts as well as DJs spinning music from our selected genres and also related genres like metal, industrial, ebm, gothic and dark romantic music.

We are proud and happy to announce that the neofolk headliner this year will be the highly praised Danish :Of  The Wand And The Moon: This wonderful project visited Trondheim for the first time in 2011 at the now dead and gone Helldorado Festival.

:OF THE WAND AND THE MOON: was formed in 1998 by Kim Larsen from the Danish doom-metal act Saturnus. Strongly influenced by early dark folk acts such as Death in June, :Of  The Wand And The Moon: play a melancholic acoustic music, often aided by various guest musicians, with lyrics mainly in English and Danish. Pagan and runic themes have in the past played a prominent role in the music, artwork and lyrics of the band. Their fifth and last album The Lone Descent has received raving reviews all over the world and is hailed as an instant classic. Last time :Of  The Wand And The Moon: visited Trondheim they played an intensely atmospheric concert to a packed venue of enthusiastic guests. This time will for sure also be a legendary evening; and therefore not to be missed!

Behind BJARGO hides the, so far, unreleased material and experimentation of Peter Bjärgö (Arcana, Sophia, Karjalan Sissit ++). This is a side of his music that’s more or less unheard, ritualistic ambient to minimalistic tape loops and improvisations. The name Peter Bjärgö should be well known to all fans of dark ambient, neoclassical and industrial music. Last time we saw him in Trondheim was when he visited Blåsvart Aften with Sophia back in 2012.

Bjärgö is a vital part of the legendary Cold Meat Industry school of music and a founder of many great projects like the amazing neoclassical legends Arcana. We look forward to hearing more from this musical genius with his new project BJARGO.  Since nothing is yet released of this material, we’ll offer you this while you wait. Probably not too far off:

SOLSTORM (nor) – Hyperborean folk from Trondheim. Atmospheric, etheric and beautiful neofolk in the vein of Death In June and Of The Wand and The Moon. We are honored to have Eskil gracing our stage with his magickal project which we hope to hear much more from in the future.

Kristoffer Oustad  (NOR), after years of working with bands like Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester (feat. Peter Nyström of Megaptera/Negru Voda), Suffering Bodies (feat. Leech of Navicon Torture Technologies Theologian and Francesco of Eidvlon) and the industrial metal outfit V:28. The album operate on a palpable psychological level of darkness, that feel suspended in time.

Dreamlike and meditative, yet always hinting at something ominous on the horizon, gradually shifting textures, drifting tones and haunting melodies. The concert will be based on the more ambient parts of the album, as well as and live improvisations.


This edition of Blå Ild will happen at Good Omens in Brattørgata. 3 floors with DJs and concerts.