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Tlic – The Inaccessible

The Inaccessible

The Inaccessible

There’s no rest nor waste of time—or wax—on this one. Tlic’s final release for 2014, The Inaccessible EP on Germany’s Minor, kicks in with a powerful beat and specifically focused, precise, and experimental rhythmic structures are to be found as its basis. If you follow my writing here, you can probably imagine just how good this beat-oriented work could be as it’s somehow managed to break my usual ambient / drone daily routine—an obsession that has stuck with me throughout my tenure.

The Inaccessible is absurdly deep and is very much based in the minimal techno genre, but it seems that the reason it really appealed to me is because the album is atmospheric above all else. With the right amount of ambiance and even, occasionally, silence placed perfectly throughout the EP’s passages, it gives you a lot of space and just the right amount of punchy electronics. Those ambient details are far from being patchy or generic though. They seem as considered and necessary as the main elements of the music: the techno groove, the specific beats, and the pulse in general.



Tlic has enhanced its rhythmic patterns with distorted, sometimes sonically demolished noise textures and thick drifting layers. The artist manages to keep their album away from becoming too predictable, instead opting for a varied approach. The percussive elements are often the direct result of smart sound-design and not only have an intuitively crafted style, but also somehow sound original. With the right amount of space, noise, and of course the sporadic (and sometimes pitched-down) speech samples, there’s enough ‘traditional music’ material on The Inaccessible to keep you preoccupied. Despite the variety of elements, the whole mixture that is featured here never feels unfocused or random.

I do hope more experimental and industrial techno DJs have reached this record, because there are way too many individual gems among these tracks waiting to be discovered. There’s no need to elaborate on how well this record is produced from a technical side. I’ve always wanted to say an electronic record is crushing. Well, here’s one the represents exactly that quality.


Track List:

A1) [laiph 3]
A2) [laiph 11]
B1) [laiph 9]
B2) [noiro2]
B3) [laiph _3 – svargArohaNa]

Rating: 8/10
Written by: Angel S.
Label: Minor (Germany) / MINOR030 / 12” LP
IDM / Techno / Abstract / Experimental