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New Publication from Wounded Wolf Press: “Bitmap Landscapes” by Koray Kantarcioglu


Since 2002, Koray Kantarcıoğlu has been working on series of abstract landscape drawings that take inspiration from geological processes, astrophotography and other natural phenomena. The basic element of the Bitmap Landscapes Series consists of the single pixel that is the essence of the whole. His only tool is MS Paint, a simple graphics painting software. Kantarcıoğlu continuously creates/recreates drawings in an open ended process. It is always a new version of a landscape that emerges, just like the natural processes themselves, both in their construction and erosion.

Book contains works from 2003 to 2014 in chronological order.

Contains two essays; ‘Every Dot Is A Story‘ by Luke Keogh and ‘Life On Mars‘ by Kristina Kramer – Edited by James Vella.

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Product details:

  • Available in two different editions; 250 black and 250 white, both has different bookmarks. Embossed pattern switches between back and front. White edition has the colour pallette design printed
  • Softcover
  • 210 x 195 cm, landscape
  • Exterior: 400gsm charcoal paper
  • Interior: 110gsm white paper
  • 171pp + 8pp printed on 90gsm tracing paper
  • Two additional pamphlets; one being 18cm x 72cm, other 18cm x 144cm
  • Audio CD
  • Card magnifier
  • All content shrouded in bio-degradeable transparent bag
  • An edition of 500

First 100 copies come with a numbered and signed Colophon Card
Audio CD mastered by Atay İlgün
ISBN 978-605-4897-10-0