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R. N. Taylor’s ‘Milliad’ to be Released July 2015

Taylor - Milliad Cover 2 JPEG

R. N. Taylor, artist, musician, poet, and one of three independent founders of the Asatru spiritual movement, will be releasing his first full-length book of poems. Taylor’s Milliad consists of six diminutive collections of post-millennial poems compiled into a 133-page narrative poetry collection that lays bare the turmoil of divorce, the beauty and intrigue of new love, the pain of loss…

like a hummingbird,
suddenly here on invisible wings,
then suddenly

…and the evocative passion of a man in the company of various women (or simply romancing them remotely with the magic of poetry).

Heart-shaped cheeks,
so spherical and lily white
that I could romance them forever
with demon desire
to the furthest unknown reaches
of an endless night…”


This is a very intimate collection recommended for open-minded couples and patrons of Taylor’s poetry and writing in general.

Copies will be available via Amazon.com and elsewhere online and can also be ordered directly from The Red Salon (Mr. Taylor or his wife).



Christina Taylor
[email protected]
West Virginia, USA