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Phase II – Afterglow



I first stumbled across Nicholas Tesluk when I ordered the 2005 Terra Fria Untitled double-EP between his infinitely more well-known project with Robert Taylor, Changes, and one of the finest talents that Britain has to offer in Andrew King. Interestingly enough, I bought my copy directly from Tesluk, but specifically for the Andrew King tracks.

Suddenly, Phase II—the original musical act of Tesluk and Mark Andrews—and their Afterglow release—a compilation of new, unreleased, and previously released tracks on Austria’s Ahnstern imprint—appears on my writing pile. The second half of the album, ‘…Candle in the Night (Radio Program)’, instantly grabbed my attention. I have a new-found love of podcasts which has led to the listening of old radio shows.

This unique ‘radio program’ recording starts with a sweetly mellow tune on what could be a scratched vinyl. The announcer introduces Tesluk and Andrews, and off they go. It’s at this point that I had another feeling run through me that was similar to the one that I has during my review for Thomas Nöla & the Black Hole‘s Future Illusions. The simplest way of describing it is simply not knowing enough about an artist I think I should know more about. From the first track on, I was instantly taken back to the folk revival. There is something very 70s going on here with Afterglow—something timeless. The artists are having a mini-revival of their own in 2010 with this radio program. This portion of the release has left me captivated and attentive, though not attentive enough to realise that this program was recorded in 1978/79, hence the scratched and dated sound.

Phase II

Phase II

My assumptions were right though. Afterglow is folk rock at its best with a dash of renaissance. The spoken word influences that accompanies the music takes me to the occasional innocence surrounding it and its once true meaning. It’s now being presented by a pair of rockers who share a magickal affinity with it.

I’m yet to find an original vinyl copy of Liege & Lief by Fairport Convention. I think every good folk collector needs one. Phase II takes me to the memory of buying my first CD copy of Liege & Lief. It takes me to the ‘Morris On’ series, and it will have a permanent place in my rotation.

Any folk rock, neofolk, or traditional folk collector needs to own a copy of Afterglow. It’s money for jam. You get an element of history, an element of modernisation of the same, and it’s brought to you by regarded, respected, and well-known artists.


Track List:

01) That’s Alright
02) Sweet Lady Fair
03) Sandy
04) Never
05) Revelations
06) Introture / Goddess of Dreams
07) Fly Away
08) I Lost the Song
09) Glencoe
10) Just for You
11) Rest

…Candle in the Night (Radio Program):
12) Untitled
13) It Doesn’t Really Matter
14) Untitled
15) Memorabilia
16) Lament
17) Goddess of Dreams
18) Greensleeves
19) Where has She Gone
20) Untitled
21) Fly Away
22) Untitled
23) It Doesn’t Really Matter (Reprise)

Rating: 10/10
Written by: Malachy O’brien
Label: Ahnstern (Austria) / Ahnstern29 / CD
Traditional Folk / Folk Rock / Progressive