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Cankun – Only the Sun is Full of Gold

Only the Sun is Full of Gold

Only the Sun is Full of Gold

Somebody please get this album out of my system, because I really see no other way to stop playing it.

Cankun (a project by Vincent Caylet, previously of Archers by the Sea and The Pistil Cosmos) and the new album on Hands in the DarkOnly the Sun is Full of Gold, can warm even the blackest and coldest hearts in the world. It’s like staring at the sun then trying to do anything—with your eyes burning, heat feverishly controlling your actions, and your body falling to exhaustion—but you’re still filled to the top with so much energy and life that you stop caring about everything, even about the obvious pain in your head.

It’s a feeling that is slightly reminiscent of the first time I heard Noir Cœur—another sun-worshiping project hailing from France, but that’s a discussion best saved for another time and another place.

Cankun’s Only the Sun is Full of Gold may sound like too positive of an album in the first few spins, but as soon as you get used to Caylet’s approach to music, you’ll be able to feel the LP is far and away from what could be considered easy listening music, and is in fact far deeper. Yes, the drum machines / percussion build up a lively, free, and even pleasantly naïve foundation for the music (at least in ‘Cuts’, ‘Words’, and a bit of ‘Moyit’), but Caylet is not afraid to get more atmospheric and send you to all different corners of his specific sound. In tracks like ‘Sytern’, ‘System’, and especially ‘Tyreu’, he’s structured mesmerizing, highly reverberated, and slightly raw soundscapes. It is inside this carefully crafted environment that he brings to life minimalist bass-lines and hypnotizing beats with a dub feel. And while all of this is burning your skin, he and his guitar are shoegazing hard, all the time.


Vincent Caylet

Only the Sun is Full of Gold never seems to stay in the same place; not even for a second. The album is trying to tell a story with all of its peaks and lows, and with all its fasts and slows. The only thing that’s constant about this LP is that from its start to its very last second, it’s drowned in the same dreamy haze that I’m pretty sure can nicely blur the sight of psychedelic, rhythmic downtempo, and drone ambient aficionados. These listeners will undoubtedly find themselves in hundreds of different worlds through their ears, while everybody around sees them as a bunch of people staring at their shoes.


Track List:

A1) System
A2) Cuts
A3) Words
B1) Moyit
B2) Tyreu
B3) Sytern

Rating: 8/10
Written by: Angel S.
Hands in the Dark (France) / HITD022 / 12″ LP
Not Not Fun (United States) / NNF 309 / Tape
Electronic / Experimental / Downtempo