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Exclusive: Premiering the Video for Green Elder’s "Cairn of Starlight"

Having published Patrick Bertlein’s review of the project’s debut releases in Home and Ruis just over a month ago, we’re no strangers to the eclectic folk vision that is Tennessee’s Green Elder, and we don’t believe that you should be either.  Helmed by Paul Ravenwood, Green Elder is working to paint the Appalachian landscape in sound, both by giving its natural seasonal beauty aural life and its mythical lore an abstract presence.

“Cairn of Starlight” assuredly hints at both with a metaphysical cosmic manifestation—a pillar of rough light shining from the hills into the dusk, nursing life as it goes on with its hidden ways away from the prying eyes of man.  The EP from which “Cairn of Starlight” has been taken, appropriately titled Offering, is dedicated to the summer season as is evidenced through the general tone of the track itself.  The upbeat, almost joyous melodic work that makes up the bulk of the track is reminiscent of the jubilant excursion of life among the wood and fields as fauna finds food bountiful and flora reaches toward the sun with vitality.  Every trip around the sun brings the coming dark, however, and the somber neoclassic end to the track doesn’t just herald warm evenings, but also reminds us that the coming harvests of autumn and the hardships of winter are inevitable and ever-present.



From the artist:

Green Elder

Green Elder

“Musically, the EP is dedicated to the days between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox. A time of growth and maturation. With the help of rains brought by summer storms, plants spring to life and mature in the span of a few brief months. Animals thrive in the abundance and warmth of the sun. And despite the sweltering heat, those tumultuous days often pass far too quickly.”

Offering is slated to be released in a limitation of 250 copies on randomly mixed color vinyl. All color combinations will be completely randomized by the pressing facility, so those making a pre-order can expect a unique, randomly chosen color combination. Offering will be released in a double-sided fold-over sleeve. All pre-orders will be entered to win one of three test pressings, various other items that Ravenwood has collected in his mountain journeys, and some special Green Elder items like original lyric sheets. All extras will be packaged randomly in pre-orders. In addition, all international pre-orders will receive a handmade Green Elder wooden necklace as a thank you for paying international shipping while supplies last. One dozen remain.

Offering is due to be released on April 10th.


[View the Video for “Mountain Storms” at Hammer Smashed Sound Here]