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Exclusive: Premiering Et Nihil’s New Track "Cross Weight"

Exclusive: Premiering Et Nihil’s New Track "Cross Weight"
Et Nihil | Credit: Sandra Nazz

Et Nihil

“You deserve to face more Hell, than even we can provide…”

It goes without saying that the American neofolk scene has been missing a bit of a nihilistic spark since Chicago’s legendary Luftwaffe called it quits.  While Luftwaffe’s other half in j1 StatiK has gone on to focus his motivations towards Gnomonclast, b9 InViD has been thoughtfully piecing together a talented trio in order to carry this old flame into the future with Et Nihil—a project that calls back to the genre’s darker early days in the face of a new generation of artists that are focused more towards spiritual pursuits.  With this new track, “Cross Weight,” which has been taken from Et Nihil’s new EP Thus, we are proud to present to you an effort that perfectly sums up the spirit of the band through chorus alone:

“Nothing proves you’re more than nothing / Nothing proves you’re nothing more.”

With the advent of their third year, Et Nihil unleashes their second official release, Thus. Returning to the methodology of b9 InViD’s (ex-Luftwaffe) earliest self-releases, Thus is a limited edition 7-inch vinyl EP of 100 copies, hand-assembled and signed by the musicians. With four new tracks, the first 25 (already sold out) are packaged in a special edition box set with a cloth Onus ritual banner. It features collaborative work from Katrin and Erin Powell of Awen.

Et Nihil yet again purveys the unwavering voice and uncompromising face of nihilism.  The album is on sale now through the band’s official website.

Stream “Cross Weight”:



Track List:

01) Thieves Lose Hands
02) Cross Weight
03) Malign
04) And Them

Purchase Thus  |  Et Nihil Facebook