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Timeghost – Cellular



I was first introduced to Timeghost through the video below, which has captured during a live performance in Boston on July 20th, 2014. I was completely blown away by the sound and stage presence of Adam Morosky—the sole individual behind this project. Timeghost’s sound is based on experiments with a hardware setup, mostly controlled by face sensors. The result is a perfectly clean, synthetic sound that evolves to become full of fragile details, yet remains massive and moves like an otherworldly inter-species organism. That said, you can put money on the fact that I was extremely curious to hear what the studio work of Timeghost sounds like.

Luckily enough for us, Morosky had the first edition of a new album released late last year. Cellular has been issued on three separate formats: on tape by Chondritic Sound, and on CD by the project’s own imprint, Nexykl. In addition to this massive multi-format release, Morosky has had the opportunity to offer Cellular to a wide audience through an extensive tour of the United States. Now the album is finally out on vinyl via Load Records and here am I approaching it with immense expectations.

Maybe it’s irresponsible to compare what I found on Cellular to that very impressive live video recording from Timeghost’s Boston set, but with studio-based recordings, he does sound a bit calmer—perhaps even more subtle, but still so specific.



However, everything else that should be expected from a release like this—which you need to experience—is here on Cellular. The music is carefully structured by lively bits and pieces of synthesized sounds. The melodies and tones have been eclectically sequenced and modulated. Then there are the mindfully crafted rhythmic pulses, glitches, audio defects that are presented as beats, and calm, somehow sterile (in the best possible way), nearly inhuman spoken-word layers. On Cellular, Adam Morosky abandons his self and his humanity, and transforms into an organism born of a twisted intercourse between electricity, wiring, signal modulations, and sometimes even the world around us.

Unfortunately, despite the favorable words above, Cellular really lacks that immensity which, for the time being, can only be heard during a Timeghost live performance. The album feels more like an inner exploration, a search for something deeply introspective, but not so much the fully functional cybernetic beast, which you can hear inhabiting brutal pieces like ‘Dissection Theater’ and ‘Uber Orgone’. Still, the album does leave a lot to be developed and revealed in the future—both in essence and approach. Timeghost works to create new sound dimensions that have been designed only for himself, and more faces of that electronic perfection are surely yet to be revealed on forthcoming albums.


Track List:

01) Cellular Automata
02) Phantom Ring
03) Dissection Theater
04) Delicate Resonances
05) Uber Orgone
06) Intrusion
07) On Airs Waters, & Places
08) Gaia

Rating: 8/10
Written by: Angel S.
Chondritic Sound (United States) / CH-301 / Tape, Digital
Load Records (United States) / LOAD146 / 12″ LP
Nexykl (United States) / N/A / CD
Experimental / Minimal Wave / Industrial / Electroacoustic