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Sources of I – Faces



Sources of I is a melodic, melancholic black metal band from Sofia, Bulgaria that will soon be releasing its debut EP, Faces, which is a quasi-essential listening piece for the present Hyperborean season. Albeit, there is a fine line which can be distinguished between ‘depressive’ and melodic sub-genres, Sources of I has managed to establish a middle-ground between both in this twenty-one minute effort.



Many elements in Faces remind me of the lo-fi, frigid undertones that are similar to those of the Swiss black-ambient band Paysage d’Hiver, combined with the lugubrious aspects of the German, depressive black metal project Nyktalgia in the era of their self-titled 2004 debut. These comparisons can especially be heard in “Discrepancy of Life,” which is both the lengthiest track and the most overpowering. The track quickly assumes a firm grasp of your attention span and holds on throughout its entire duration. The down-tuned guitars of Dragshan and Velev fuzz through the echoes of their recording chamber and fall in sync with Déhà‘s bellowing vocals and ongoing clash of waves of Vortep‘s drum cymbals. Déhà’s vocals hold a bit of delay, but it is precise enough to transmit a storm of melancholic energy and is not too excessive in its execution. There are no dull and “quiet” moments on Faces; the album is audibly similar to being caught in the midst of a winter storm and grasped by its merciless gusts. The guitar solo from the last minute of “Shadow of the Stars” is the upheaval and ultimate climax of this musical blizzard, and it cuts right into the last track, “When You Will Close My Eyes to the Light.”  Notably, there has always been repetition in black metal music—more so in the melodic genre than most, although time-span is something which most bands (such as the aforementioned in my earlier description) tend to lose track of in great lengths which can fall into lengths as long as ten-to-fifteen minutes. Sources of I do not keep their songs too short and simple, but they also don’t fall into the trap of inert repetition—something which keeps the listener interested and yearning for more of the atmosphere they have created, so long as it remains obscured with the right flow.

Faces is a brief but a straight-forward release which excludes all keyboards, acoustic solos, and five-minute ambient introductions. Although the production runs a bit stale, since Sources of I are a fresh, emerging band, it only makes that sense that this is just a starting point which will most likely evolve into something much more impacting and menacing in future endeavors.

[Editor’s Note:  This EP isn’t due for release until April 2015.]


Track List:

01) Discrepancy of Life
02) Shadows of the Stars
03) When You’ll Close Your Eyes to the Light

Rating: 6/10
Written by: Tracy T.
Label: Tanquam Aegri Somnia (Belgium) / N/A / CD
Melodic Black Metal