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Trips und Träume: Foresta di Ferro 'Bury Me Standing' Vinyl Version Out Now

Marking the 20th anniversary of Foresta di Ferro, for the first time in vinyl, “a soundtrack for an imaginary docudrama about faith, misfortune and  fanaticism”, featuring Marco Deplano (Wertham, Caligula031), Richard Leviathan (Ostara, Strength Through Joy) and Jonh Murphy (Knifeladder, Last Dominion Lost, SPK).

Bury me standing

Bury me standing

Bury Me Standing” was released on CD in 2003 by Albin JuliusHauRuck! Label, and represented a groundbreaking mix of different atmospheres, paying tribute to the project’s influences, yet spinning the wheel toward new sound-landscapes, blending together ritual atmospheres with bombastic martial drumming, classic neo-folk and traditional ballads with postindustrial wreckage.

A difficult, yet intense voyage across history, in scenery and times where men were learning to hope and strive for something to then meet disillusion and chaos.

This new version of “Bury me standing” is released by Trips und Traume in 300 copies and has been re-mastered by Yvan Battaglia (LCHM). Cover artwork is based on the original CD and includes insert with lyrics.

“(…)  Bury Me Standing the first full release from Foresta di Ferro. As regular Compulsion online readers will know Foresta di Ferro feature Marco Deplano (Wertham), John Murphy (SPK, Current 93, Shining Vril, Knifeladder,…), and Richard Leviathan (Ostara). Bury Me Standing is an astounding release sculpted out of samples, swathes of atmosphere and song. It’s subtitled “the soundtrack for an imaginary docu-drama about faith, misfortune and fanaticism”. It’s an intelligent piece of work that encompasses Yukio Mishima, kamikaze pilots, suicide-murderer-martyrs … A sombre atmosphere prevails that captures the sound of cities ravaged by war, but conversely celebrate the compassion of people and the commitment of fanatics of all stripes. (…)  Bury Me Standing has been so carefully compiled that it stands head and shoulders above most other releases in the genre. Highly recommended. “ Tony Dickie Compulsion magazine

Tracklist A1. Bury Me Standing  A2. Harmony Of Pen And Sword  A3. Oak Leaf  A4. La Ultime Gnot  B1. Kshatrya  B2. Militia Christi  B3. On The Marble Cliffs  B4. Seppelliscimi In Piedi