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Exclusive: Premiering Theologian's "Unkindness" Remix of Hot Guts' "A Kindness"

Hot Guts

Hot Guts

Below you will find an exclusive stream for Theologian‘s Unkindness Remix of Hot Guts‘ “A Kindness”—the closing track off of their recently released Wilds album on Italy’s Avant!  With the Unkindness Remix, Theologian turns the track inside-out, ripping away whatever humanity he can find via the vocals and replacing it with something decidedly more sinister:  unearthly groans and tidal, ethereal background swells.  The shamanic mantras of the original are all but gone, sending the track into surreal and tenebrous territory.  This rendition gives the track a shattering treatment that sends my memory careening all the way back to my first experience with the brilliance of Gruntsplatter‘s “Immolating the Nest.”

Theologian’s Unkindness Remix of “A Kindness” by Hot Guts:

From the Label:



Wilds is the second full-length album from Philadelphia-based post-industrial group Hot Guts. What started off as a raw and gritty Post-punk band in 2007 eventually evolved into a more refined foray into territories that cross between the electronic and organic, as well as the harsh and beautiful. Currently a duo, Wes Russell‘s signature rich baritone and unorthodox guitar stylings (which is at times more reminiscent of construction machinery than a guitar) are still very present while counterpart Shari Wallin (also of Void Vision) provides the synths and drum-machines as well as backing vocals. Within this web of minimal electronics there are hints of EBM, neofolk, and tribal industrial. but there is an element of experimentalism that has always been present in Hot Guts that keeps things sounding fresh—and strangely contemporary—throughout the recordings.

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