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Exclusive: Premiering the New Video for Auditor’s "Flea on a Dead Dog"

“There are some albums that force you to brace yourself before you listen to them. It’s as if you have to steel yourself against it in some way, keeping a small part of your soul pure, whole, and untouched by their torturous depths. Auditor’s Form Destroyer just happens to be one of those albums. It’s deep and bleak, and I mean really deep and really bleak. There isn’t one drop of hope to be found within, not even a flicker of light to cast a warm glow in this world of despair and confusion.”

Brandon Elkins

Brandon Elkins

The paragraph above contains the critical opening thoughts from Cody Drasser‘s review of Form Destroyer, the album from which “Flea on a Dead Dog” can be found, and it’s hard to argue against his reasoning once one has observed the video for it below.  The proverbial heart of darkness of the album as it rests at the center of Form Destroyer, “Flea on a Dead Dog” is a nine-minute slow-burner that gradually creeps up on the listener through an array of mildly delayed industrial clicks, hisses, and scratches.  Layers of distorted feedback bend and squall like weathered metal, creating an otherwise surreal atmosphere as the backbone of the track.

In regards to the video itself, Brandon Elkins—the man behind these creations—had this to say:

“The song itself is an extrapolation of a thought that popped into my head:  ‘You are a flea on a dead dog that thinks it’s the center of the universe.’ Everyone thinks the world revolves around their head but, in the end, we all die alone and most of us mean very little.  The content for the video is all pulled from public domain videos from the last century.  It’s meant to express the same sense of hopelessness, futility, and terror.”

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