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Swedish Energies 2014: EMS at 50

December 4th, 5th and 6th, 2014, ISSUE Project Room’s Swedish Energies Festival New York returns in its fourth-annual presentation, celebrating 50 years of Stockholm’s Elektronmusikstudion, aka EMS. Presented by ISSUE in collaboration with EMS, and the Consulate General of Sweden in New York, over three evenings at ISSUE and Experimental Intermedia, the series brings together a wide-ranging international lineup of visionary electronic and improvisational musicians spanning genres of sound and visual art.

The festival opens Thursday, December 4th, 6pm, at Experimental Intermedia, Phill Niblock’s historic downtown loft space. Mats Lindström, studio director of EMS, presents12 Stations, an epic, 7 hour tape piece by the late Hungarian-Swedish composer and organist Ákos Rózmann (1939-2009).

Live performances begin the following evening, Friday December 5th, 7pm at ISSUE Project Room’s 22 Boerum Place theater. The night opens with concrete sounds from UK-based Swedish sound artist Jenny Sunesson. Saxophonist Christine Abdelnour, known for the breadth of her textural alto techniques, plays duo with Joachim Nordwall, a member of The Skull Defekts and iDeal label-head. Sound artist Daniel Rozenhall and visual artist / graphic designer Sten Backman appear in a rare collaboration. Copenhagen’s Frederikke Hoffmeier, aka Puce Mary, plays a solo set crossing rhythmic industrial and harsh power electronics. The notorious Swedish composer and visual artist Carl Michael von Hausswolff closes the night with a solo performance. A co-founder of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland, von Hausswolff’s minimal-leaning works explore themes of electricity and communication with the afterlife.

The festival closes Saturday, December 6th, 6pm at ISSUE with a massive lineup opened by Maria w Horn. The Stockholm-based composer combines projections and raw synthesis, sculpted with minimalistic precision. Stephen O’Malley, celebrated guitarist and doom-metal legend of Sunn O)))) fame, performs a solo set. Malmö-based artist Kristina Matousch explores themes of digestion, eroticism, violence and exchange in a solo performance. Leif Elggren, the second co-founder of the Kingdoms of Elgaland-Vargaland, returns to ISSUE with Kent Tankred as The Sons of God, a duo exploring the borderland between performance, installation and music. The festival wraps up with a solo performance by Berlin-based Swedish composer Ellen Arkbro, whose works for electronics, guitar and her voice, draw on minimalism and just intonation.



Akóz Rózmann: “12 Stations / Tolv Stationer”

Thursday, December 4th – 6pm-1am – Free
at Experimental Intermedia, 224 Centre St., NYC, 10013

Originally commissioned as a 5-minute piece, over 20 years, “12 Stations” evolved into a challenging 6 1/2 hour epic; a deep, spiritual journey that is considered a central work of Rózmann’s oeuvre. Thematically the work draws on the Tibetan Wheel of Life, and reflects Rózmann’s deep interest in Tibetan Buddhism.

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CM von Hausswolff by Franz Pomassl

CM von Hausswolff by Franz Pomassl

CM von Hausswolff / Frederikke Hoffmeier / Christine Abdelnour & Joachim Nordwall + more

Fri, December 5, 2014 – 7PM – 10pm – Free
at ISSUE Project Room, 22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Swedish Energies returns to ISSUE with a massive bill including sound artist Jenny Sunesson, saxophonist Christine Abdelnour duo with Joachim Nordwall (The Skull Defekts), Daniel Rozenhall collaboration with designer Sten Backman, Frederikke Hoffmeier (aka Puce Mary), and the notorious Carl Michael von Hausswolff.

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StephenOMalley_by Wouter DeBolle

Stephen O’Malley_by Wouter DeBolle

Ellen Arkbro / The Sons of God / Kristina Matousch / Stephen O’Malley / Maria w Horn

Saturday, December 6th – 6pm – Free
at ISSUE Project Room, 22 Boerum Place, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Swedish Energies closes at ISSUE with raw synthesis & video by Maria w Horn, Stephen O’Malley, doom-metal legend of Sunn O)))) fame, solo, Kristina Matousch exploring themes of digestion and eroticism, Leif Elggren & Kent Tankred as The Sons of God, and Ellen Arkbro, who draws on minimalism and just intonation.

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