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Anathema Publishing are taking pre-orders for Pillars "The Ebon Kteis" Vol.1 – Issue.3

Whereas Pillars Number 1Psychopompos‘ was a piercing chaotic eruption; exploring the Mystery Traditions & Arte from all sides and approach, and number 2 continued in that vein but is more concise, dense in context and heavy with written material, the third entry of the series, ‘The Ebon Kteis‘ is a journey back into Darkness; somber in tone than its older siblings and aiming to be more of a visual feast to inspire Minds & spark the Sacred Flame Within.

The Ebon Kteis‘ delves into the subtle beauty that lies at the threshold of Eros & Thanatos, and what has oft’ been referred to as “la petite mort“: the strange connection that exists between orgasm, the loss of the senses and the ultimate release of Death; both Symbolic having a real strong bond to one another.

The subject is exploited from various angles; within witchcraft, tantrism, the necromantic arts, romanticism, et cetera (of course always leaving much interpretative power to the contributors). – Also pertaining to this Issue will be a huge emphasis on the many ways to go about the Sabbatical Rites of Soul-Flight and Congress, whether with fellow brethren or by means of Self-Initiation.



Divine Lotus, Prophectic Pearl & Holy Whore by Shani Oates   ♦   For Fear of Flying  by Sarah Anne Lawless   ♦   The Mysteries of Thantifaxath & the Vulva of the Earth by Asenath Mason   ♦   Regina Amandrakina, Exploration of the Image and Strange Idol by X.A.121   ♦   How prostitution can be utilised as a magical tool to access the gateways of Qliphoth… by Angela Edwards   ♦   Red and Bleeding Feasts Cannibalism in Witchcraft and Shamanism by Abby Helasdottir   ♦   The Call of the Dark Mother  by Kazim   ♦   The Spirit of Absence & the Holy Spirit of Paradox by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold   ♦   No Choice but Theist by Various Members of the Temple of THEM   ♦   Ancient Goddesses, Tortured Martyrs and the Virgin Mary with a Pomegranate  by Anna Krajewski   ♦   The Mark of SamaeLilith by Semjaza 131   ♦   The Verdant Palace: The Heart of Nature in Man… by Patrick J. Larabee   ♦   Power of the Egyptian Gods by Mogg Morgan   ♦ The 7 adorations of the Secret Eye of Lamashtu by Jhon Longshaw   ♦   Ephphatha! by Akherra Phasmatanás   ♦   Prolegomena, HermHecate and Limerence & Reddening by G. McCaughry.

Artworks & Photography: 

José Gabriel Alegría Sabogal   ♦   Santiago Caruso   ♦   Xonia Abyssos   ♦   Samuel Araya   ♦   Yoann Lossel   ♦   Natalia Drepina   ♦   Dolorosa De la Cruz   ♦   Nagi Mahe Tuya   ♦   Sarah Anne Lawless   ♦   Abby Helasdottir   ♦   Patrick J. Larabee   ♦   Angela Edwards   ♦   Anna Krajewski   ♦   Akherra Phasmatanás   ♦   Kris Kuksi   ♦   Natalie Vegas   ♦   Isabelle Gaborit   ♦   Krist Mort.

Edition Specifications:

Format: 7.5 x 9.5 inches. 150 pages. Bronze and black foil-stamped on Deluxe heavy art cover. Perfect Binding method. 32 color plates. Fine typography, illustrated with various fleurons, emblems, artworks and glyphs. 

All copies of the Journal shall be ritually consecrated & hand-numbered.

Preview Random Pages as FlipBook here

Pillars“The Ebon Kteis” (Vol.1 – Issue.3) – 2014
. Limited to 230 copies only.
 (of which 30 will be issued for private distribution).

Please keep in mind that Anathema Publishing is a one-man enterprise, so I will advise customers to exercise patience when ordering.) — FOR ORDERS over 3 items, please email us directly at  for an exact shipping price.


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