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Ixaxaar Presents: ÞURSAKYNGI – Volume I – The Essence of Thursian Sorcery

ÞURSAKYNGI – Volume I – The Essence of Thursian Sorcery by EKORTU will be the first book in this set of Thursatru Grimoires. This first pressing consists of 677 Grimoires bound in black leatherette, 279 pages. For all those people anticipating holding the ÞURSAKYNGI book in their hands in early December, Ixaxaar are now sharing a preview of its contents and what the book will enshrine between its pages.

pre-orders are being taken now.


♦   Volume I    ♦
The Essence of Thursian Sorcery



This book will be for the Seekers of the Giant’s Path; those that seek the ancient wisdom through the experience and Illumination of the forces Chaos. The main topics in this series of books will focus spiritual workings, Rune mysteries, practical sorcery, High Thursian Magic, religious aspects and worship of the divinity of Nifl and Muspell, interpretation and understandings of Norse mythology and gigantology, Hel-workings, synthesis of pre-Christian Norse, Gnostic and LHP perspectives, lycanthropy and different forms of shape-shifting within the Hamr-workings and much more, manifesting a practical path of the religio-sorcerous cult of the titanic forces referred to as Thurses.


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Thursatru is a new progeny of the old pre-Christian Norse religion, mythology and gigantology, serving here to manifest the impulses striving to overthrow the limitations of cosmic creation.

The first book will be an offering and dedication to the primordial powers beyond the ordered universe. May the Flames of Surtr be the essence of this forthcoming book and the Poisonous Blood of Aurgelmir flow as and through its ink.


450 books are being offered for pre-orders now. If everything goes fine, our goal is to start shipping the pre-ordered copies in early December so that as many as possible readers will  have the books in their hands at the publishing date, Midwinternight.

The remaining books will come for public sale at the official publishing date 21.12.2014.

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