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Sigma Octantis – Disséminations

Sigma Octantis Disseminations

It is a rarity in these modern times to find music that stands as an epoch of our technological and advanced scientific age. In other forms of artistic expression, the craft and creativity of color and shapes helped to pave movements both solicitous and dreamlike. In the realm of the painters and poets, forging entire generations of artistic legacy like surrealism and impressionism, new ways of observing the reality of our world helped usher a new age of enlightenment that rushed outwards with such force that it continues to grow beyond what we recognize with our traditional five senses. Despite more art-centric and avant-garde music movements than ever before, much of these artists seem to fall on deaf ears or find little commercial success. That in itself is not a terrible reality since the music that sparks a grander scale of passion is not seen in product placement and corporate endorsement. No, it is not seen in that heavy tripe which has surfaced in that which is truly the thinking man’s music.

Disséminations is a surrealist and post-modernist manifesto of the highest caliber. The conceptual visions paved in this limited-edition digipack is as warm as it is awe-inducing, musically eclectic, and complex. Richly layered reverb-woven guitar melodies and synths make for a true dimensional vortex into dark emotional harmonies. There are unparalleled talents showcased here, creating not only some of the most well-integrated atmospheres I have had the pleasure to absorb into my own consciousness, but the eerily droning and immensely cinematic industrial percussion develops breathtaking sonic textures which lead one’s mind into wonderful new territories. Each piece contains a grandiose display of affection that has been genuinely crafted; every layer, rhythm, or instrument creates its own allusion and symbolism.

World elements and tribalistic harmonies gracefully dance away, coming to terms, over time, as the perfect solution for those wanting their music to teach and inspire, forcing you towards a journey where the cosmos has less to tell than that of the Earth itself. As the album title suggests, Disséminations spreads its seed into full circulation with a bountiful harvest of cognitive force, and Sigma Octantis spearheads its way to the center of those fields. Derived from the second manifesto of Surrealism and from French visionary writer Andre Breton, the entire album plays upon the words:

“All indications are that there is a certain point of the mind from which life and death, the real and the imaginary, past and future, the communicable and the incommunicable, the top and bottom stop being perceived as contradictory. But it is in vain to seek another motive than the hope of determining this surreal activity.”

Beauty does truly come from contradictions. In life, there never seems to be any form of absolute value, and Sigma Octantis has proven that even contradicting music genres and ideologies can be effortlessly fused into a harmonious whole.

Disséminations is not for the stereotypically herd-minded parasites of the music world. Sigma Octantis has painted a canvas as a creative and exuberant piece of musical intellectualism. However, due to immensely rich compositional quality and excellence in attention to detail, it’s hard to find any reason why an album such as this can’t be thoroughly enjoyed by many. This is a work that is intellectual, atmospheric, and emotional; it is rich in symbolism and etched with its own unique philosophical bend. An album such as this seems to come only very rarely. Disséminations has reminded me of exactly why I tend to prefer French artists. It has something to do with the fact the French have always coveted culture and art of the highest caliber — that, and they consistently churn out immense talent.

Track List:

01) Télescope
02) Lents Cataclysmes
03) Neurotopia
04) Mémoires de l’Oubli
05) A Place where the Earth Touches Heaven
06) Pimprenelle Pearl Harbor
07) Le Bleu du Ciel, Une Dernière Fois
08) Une Etincelle a la Parade des Lueurs Mortes

Rating: 5/5
Written by: Munnin
Label: OPN Records (France) / OPNCD0018 / Digi-CD
Post-rock / Tribal / Ambient