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Heathen Harvest Midsummer Compilation is Now Online



As the fire of the sun burns ever brighter by day, the fires of the night will be lit in celebration of Midsummer. The 21st June will bring with it the solar high point of the year as the longest stretch of sunlight to hit the Northern Hemisphere shores, once again, will be upon us.

At Heathen Harvest, we like to do our part by celebrating these inaugural events, bringing together musical compilations for Samhain and even Walpurgisnacht. This new incarnation in the Heathen Harvest album streak has a slightly different character to it, with each track being newly created by a journalist – or journalists – that work on the Heathen Harvest Periodical.

At the high point of Litha each individual can have a very personal way in which to celebrate the sun’s zenith. At Heathen Harvest, we have a personal celebration of our own to share with our readers – something as idiosyncratic and inimitable as our cause – a wholly innovative and entirely relevant musical offering.


Password: litha2014

We’d also like to give a very special “Thank you” to those who have decided to support us financially through downloading this compilation on Bandcamp:

Boa Thorium
Dirk Bosy
Cody Drasser
Shane Lange
Lukas Makovicky
Albo Südekum