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EXCLUSIVE: Now Streaming Trepaneringsritualen's New 7", "Papist Pretender"

Thomas Martin Ekelund
Thomas Martin Ekelund

Thomas Martin Ekelund

There is no forgiveness of sins without the shedding of blood.

Following the success of his split with Deathstench on Malignant Records, Trepaneringsritualen has returned with Papist Pretender, to be released on the Spanish La Esencia. This time, Thomas Martin Ekelund has created two new ritualistic tracks that both grasp outwards towards the throat of the perverse inversion that the Christian culture has become in all of the raw glory of old-school death industrial, and eventually dig inwards in search of the purest form of self — the proverbial aural Id, aggressively hammering tribal rhythms to the churning of blood.  In Ekelund’s own words:

“‘Papist Pretender’ deals with the two diametrically opposed sides of the Christian death cult: on one hand, we witness an obsession with temporal power, with iron-fisted control of the base, physical world we are forced to exist in. On the other, a loathing of all things sublime that might make us more than infant souls trapped in flesh prisons.”

Papist Pretender is presented as a limited edition of 350 copies on black vinyl with a folding poster cover.  169 of these are to be released in a special edition that comes with an exclusive white bonus 7″ + extras.  The bonus 7” contains a cover of The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud, as well as a substantially different version of “Castrate Christ” that will appear on the forthcoming full-length, Perfection & Permanence, which will be released on the UK’s Cold Spring Records. The EP is officially scheduled for release on June 15th, with the special edition set to be available one month later in mid-July.

Side A, “Papist Pretender”:

Side B, “Feral Me”:

Papist Pretender

Papist Pretender

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