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Klockenhouzer – 00:00:00

Klockenhouzer 000000

Flesh machinations all enslaved to the grind. Not in sync with the sine.
Dead generation and the falling behind, here a species you’ll find…”

An amalgamation of the cyber-goth-industrial-futurepop-blactronica sound, Klockenhouzer present their personal view of these troubled times with a dystopic view of humanity. If the overabundance of style references gives you any clue, Klockenhouzer is at the same time tough to pin down musically and lyrically. With roots in the Philadelphia music scene, Klockenhouzer have bashed together bits and pieces of early EBM, dark electronica, any of the various iterations of insert-style-here-core and thoroughly mixed it with urbanesque vocal and sci-fi undertones.



What 00:00:00 ultimately delivers in a mash-up with strong dance-floor bass-driven tracks as the opening “De-Cline” establishes the tone and beats per minute with the now required heavy synth bass-line, edgy melody line and robotic percussion. While using many elements of their contemporaries, Klockenhouzer do provide some quite catchy lead lines and synth hooks, making 00:00:00 a decent listen. Of note, “Un-Broken”, while seemingly indicative of the genre, has a catchy lead combined with vocoded and distorted vocals that probably is one of their club favorites. “Anesthetize the Brain” goes a bit more towards old school EBM, reminding me a bit of early Front 242, interestingly mixed with some 1980s new wave melodic leads.

There’s even a bit of Beastie Boys influence going on here on “Killing Time” with a touch of “Intergalactic”-ish vocals and an almost comedic phase shifted lead line. Klockenhouzer does seem to embrace the simplicity of early EBM, or at least that’s my impression with the minimalistic tracks “Dance with Fire” and “Here to Stay”, but then kicks back into modern futurepop mode with the closing two tracks. Is Klockenhouzer breaking new ground here? I wouldn’t necessarily say so, but they do seem to be developing their identity across these ten tracks, and I’ll give the duo credit for that. Where they take this is up to them, but I found it an interesting mix of styles and influences.

Track List:

01) De-Cline
02) Cataclysm
03) Unbroken
04) Anesthetize the Brain
05) Killing Time
06) Zero Zero
07) Dance thru Fire
08) Here to Stay
09) Rise and Fall
10) Heroes of the Cyberdawn

Rating: 3/5
Written by: K. Holewczynski
Label: Self-Released (United States) / N/A / CD
EBM / Aggro-industrial