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Miguel Serrano's "El Cordon Dorado" Translated: Chapters 1 – 10

Miguel Serrano

Miguel Serrano


In 2001, I tried to collect as much of Miguel Serrano’s work as I could. It was only then that I fully discovered the route he had taken, along with a changing view of him.

In esoteric circles, Serrano is quoted mostly in the context of either the Arctic poles or the Black Sun (one topic many mystics and magicians cannot only agree on, but less can define). There isn’t much else out there. His name had come from the mouths of so many industrial music legends, I decided to study up, and see why his work was so difficult to come across.

After hitting eBay, and collecting all of his English titles, I began to tackle those in his native tongue.

His writing is very different, depending on what you’re reading. He has poetry, complete books on magical philosophy, autobiographies, and lengthy articles which are often geopolitical in nature.

After reading snippets, one can envision an illuminated man who once walked with the Dalai Lama, Pablo Neruda, Carl Jung, and Ezra Pound, contemplating life and the unknowable.

So much of the man’s work is unavailable in English, and what little has already been translated are from his old London publisher Routledge & K. Paul, who saw him as a wordsmith and world traveler, and are poetic mystically-inclined tales of his quest for One-ness, which they translated in the late 60s and published starting in 1970.

Around this time, Serrano had decided to stop publicly hiding his beliefs, and began to openly write of his affection for Hitler and the SS. Admitting to belonging to a secret occult order that mixed Hindu mythology and Nietzschian concepts linked to the German National Socialist Party since the 1940s, he began to write pieces explaining that the Jews worked for the Demiurge.

Being his only translator outside of the Spanish-speaking world was hard on them, and R&KP decided to dump Serrano after his arm wouldn’t stop propping up at a 45 degree angle at rallies with swastikas (1984). He became even angrier at Jews, whom he thought ran the literary world. All of his works beyond the 1970s were only available in Spanish until recently.

After reading almost all of his work, I am not as impressed with the man as when I first began. I have not only read his work, but translated everything from poetry to articles, some with critical acclaim, peer review, and have even been asked by the estate to reproduce my work through Serrano’s current publisher.

I only refused because I am too confused.

I don’t understand the man’s work, or his goals. His philosophy is a ball of confusion, which mixes Gnosticism, Hinduism, Inca legend and what little we knew of Druidism. He fully believes in the Hollow Earth, and blames Middle Easterners for everything wrong with mankind. Most importantly, through his work I come to no solutions, which should be the end result of any Great Work; further proof that he may have debated with, but did not understand the work of, the Dalai Lama, Pablo Neruda, Carl Jung, and Ezra Pound.

I began to translate Miguel Serrano’s El Cordon Dorado in 2009, which is part one of what is known as his “Hitler Trilogy”. It is, basically, his autobiography, and I thought it was the best way to present his complete belief system. The Serrano folks soon contacted me, and told me not to bother, as someone else was working on it. Sadly, I listened, and it’s a shame as, at the rate which I was working, I would had been done the Summer of 2010. The other translator’s work has yet to see the light of day.

To Heathen Harvest, I present 10 previously-unreleased chapters of said work (complete with my footnotes), as I think this small section alone will show why I struggled with the man’s outlook on life, magic and what little we’ve come to know of the previously unknown.

–Another Student


El Cordon Dorado by Miguel Serrano

El Cordon Dorado by Miguel Serrano

Chapters 1 – 10 of EL CORDON DORADO

WHAT THE TEACHER TOLD ME (Lo que el Maestro me Dijo)

It seems to me that the years have not passed, but, in fact, they have. It seems to me that I have not aged, but, in fact, it could be that I have. Little by little, I have realized that my work seems to be directed. So, yes, the years have passed, and, yes, I have aged, so I should leave a testament of certain things that I know, and which no one else has in their attic. Guarded for over thirty years, but still new, almost like yesterday, without communication, without being used until the present.

One treats the Great War, so great as in the Mahabharata (1), yet greater still, as it signaled the end of time, as if it were a Manvantara (2), cosmic and earthly. He who considers that tragedy as simply a World War does not understand anything that occurred. Those of us who lived through it, even in “the ultimate corner of the world”, have been marked by the essence of it, and shall never forget it.

When the war ended, thirty-two years ago, it was easier to speak liberally and say what one thought. Today, the atmosphere is dense, and the shadows drown us. The chains imposed by the winners multiply, and the truth, or the light, has now disappeared. No one dared tell us what was possible to see or say until five years after the end of that frightful catastrophe. The youth born these days are spiritually weak (they like to be called “sons of Aquarius”), kneaded, moderated (not by the Aquarian waters, per say), placed in the margins by a directed education, by propaganda, by hyped information, drugs, “universal love”, the “flowers”, the music of the last days of Lemuria (3), or by a terrorism without grandeur, without Mount Olympus, without the light of god. If they were to bring back a diurnal conscious, the unconscious, or a collective superconscious, it could attract some reflection of true heroics or manliness, against fear in the face of so much insidious propaganda and compromised literature of the demon of stupidity. For those that are able in this effort, I will thread these pages. Also for those ex-combatants, my comrades, those imprisoned, and the tortured in all the “Caucasus Mountains” of the world.

My revelations will not be antiquated, even when they remain hidden in an old attic for more than thirty years, because this war has not reached its end, and because there is no more time: for us it has turned inward, upside down, and right side up. Yet, there will be time in the compression of the past. Today it is more difficult to speak of yesterday in the fear that the winners are always increasing, which proves that nothing has finished and that everything is sloped, like before it all happened. For those reasons we will reveal it here.

  1. The Mahabhrarata is a Sanskrit Indian epic that dates to 400 C.E. It translates as “the great tale of the Bhārata dynasty”, and covers the necessary goals of a human according to Hindu religious philosophy, including the place of the individual in society, as well as in the world and the universe.
  2. A manvantara is a Hindu measurement of time, consisting of four yuga, or 306,000,000 human years. It stems from a combination of two Sanskrit words [manu and antara], which mean “duration of Manu”.
  3. Lemuria is a hypothetical lost island and civilization, in the vein of Atlantis, but disappearing from the Pacific Ocean.


HITLER, ONE OF THE INITIATED (Hitler, un Iniciado)

In Ni por Mar ni por Tierra (1) and La Serpiente del Paraiso (2) I had told the tales of when I was with my Teacher, and of my initiation. I will not insist upon this subject. Let me tell you that I have never left the path, even though I have followed it my own way, and in the center of many difficulties, I have survived continuous battles with myself. The Order is of warriors, and my loyalty to the Teacher is for life, and beyond life.

Something I had never mentioned before was that he was the Teacher that esoterically joined us with Hitler and the Great War.

The Teacher told me: “Hitler is one of the initiated, he can communicate astrally. I do not know who his Guides are, but I have decided to help him. Hitler is a being of unshakeable will, definitive, once it has received the order to act. Besides, he returns to the past. I have been in communication with him.”

Another day he had explained to us that Hitler had a mission to transmute Destiny, in the vertex of these times, giving the land the impulses necessary for its mutation, its transfiguration, in which it was possible to win over physical entropy, overcoming the Kaliyuga (3), or Dark Ages, of Iron; the transmutation of all values, the only possibility for survival. Hitler was a vehicle, which through him traveled a ray from the Spirit. In the initiation he received the power of Vril (4), the victorious energy of Hvanero, or Farr (5). Against him will be triggered every force from the shadows, and of death, of inertia, of its elementarwesen (6), of the elementals (7). That is why we had to help him. This War would be of gods and demons. A Cosmic War, reflected and dramatized to its maximum upon the land.

Each one of us helps in their own manner. I edited a magazine, “La Nueva Edad” (8), and there I made references to all of this. Twenty years later, the archives into the process at Nüremberg were opened to investigators. The surprised has empowered the many, in fact, the secret roots of which seem to remain ignored.

On another day, the Teacher had confirmed all of this again.

When the book “El Retorno de Los Brujos” (9), by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier was published, it awoke such restlessness and curiosity, even in the Marxists. Around this time I was Ambassador to Yugoslavia, and I was the Secretary General of Chile’s Socialist Party. Raúl Ampuero, friend of Barreto, the “Jason” of my “Flor Inexistente” (10), spoke to me in Belgrade of the truths and revelations of Esoteric Hitlerism. Later, Eugenio Gonzalez, director of the halls at the University of Chile, espiritu selecto (11), even-tempered and profound, and also a socialist, came to look for me while I was visiting Santiago to converse about the revelations in this book. I would remember how twenty years ago I had put forward these ideas in my magazine, my part in the combat. Was this certain? How could I have known these things at that time?

The Teacher had always confirmed this. He was never mistaken. Within five years of things coming to pass, he would tell me what would happen to our mother country: “Chile will reach the depths of its misery and, from there, shall rise, newly reformed, to place itself as the head of the nations of the Americas.” But he never declared a thing that did not happen.

Corroborated by the stars and by Destiny, we should never pull away from it, nor fall backwards, nor could we return to our previous position in our combat, in this Grand Cosmic War of the worlds. To the War I owe my initiation. To the Teacher, my knowledge of Esoteric Hitlerism. The Teacher never changed his opinion. If he had done so, or ordered me to do it, I would have followed. He never said that maybe we had been mistaken.

At the opening of the archives of the Nüremberg procedures, French writers had begun the publication of a sensationalist book, “El Retorno de los Brujos”, which was filled with inaccuracies though they do refer one to the subject. Those works don’t translate well to other languages, save but in a few Spanish publishing houses. The Anglo-Saxons ignore this, or pretend to ignore it, because they are the ones that know all this the most. They decide who else is allowed to know. The Germans don’t count, with their enemies’ foot on their throat, with an education and propaganda that is directed, unto its most minute detail, but in the end only to reveal to the new generations its true tradition, its true history. The Italians will never liberate themselves from the Vatican yoke, who has marked their souls with fire from the Index (12), and which pushes one to Marxism, their true “son of man”.

Because of this, we do not publicize, nor do we universally transmit the message outright, though we will add to this book a bibliography that covers these subjects, a majority of them written with perverse intentions by the declared enemies of Hitlerism, but, besides all their enormous disagreement, could not help but show a fascination and a terror towards that which is defined as “magic socialism”, or “realist magic”.

We shall now comment and often transcribe paragraphs of works that have a preoccupation with the mystery that is concealed behind this drama.

  1. Ni por Mar ni por Tierra, printed by Editorial Nascimento, Santiago de Chile 1950 (Spanish langue only).
  2. The book La Serpiente del Paraiso was published in Spanish by Editorial Nascimento & Editorial Kier, 1963. An English version, The Serpent of Paradise, was printed by British publishing house, Rider & Co., that same year.
  3. The Kaliyuga is the last of four Hindi measurements of time known as a yuga, or “epoch”, which is ruled by the dark goddess Kali, and lasts for 1200 years. It is commonly believed that we are currently in the Kaliyuga.
  4. Vril is a force described in Edward Bulwer-Lytton’s novel The Coming Race (1871), later reprinted as Vril: The Power of the Coming Race. While popular with Theosophists (1875-1915), few occultists deem it real today.
  5. Both Hvanero and Farr are translated as “glory”.
  6. Translated as “elementary nature”.
  7. Elementals” are mythological beings in the study of alchemy, each consisting largely of one of the “four elements”; earth, air, fire, water.
  8. La Nueva Edad (The New Age) was self-published by Serrano in the years of 1941 and 1942.
  9. Better known by its English title, Morning of the Magicians (1968); originally released in French in 1960 as Le Matin des Magiciens.
  10. A person considered a spiritual guardian.
  11. Originally released in Chile in 1969 by Universitaria S.A., and published in English as The Ultimate Flower, Schocken Books, NY, 1970. Jason is a character in the fantasy novel.
  12. The Catholic Church’s Index Librorum Prohibitorum, or List of Forbidden Books.



Adolf Hitler is one of the strangest personages in the history of this land. If there are doubts over Jesus’ birth, with Hitler there are doubts over his death. If, from the beginning, there didn’t exist verified testimonies, outside of the legends, in one fashion or another one finds themselves inside the grandiose edifice constructed by Pablo (1), who never saw him in person (“skin and bones”), though when it comes to Hitler there exists testimonies of those who have seen and touched him. Furthermore, there are millions who could see it in the newsreels, admiring his strange appearance, his disconnected image, as if from another planet.

During my ten years in India I saw yogis, mystics, magi, and men outside the current, but they all resembled humans. Even my Teacher was “human, all too human”. Hitler wasn’t. He was above human, or inhuman. He wasn’t from here. My first impression was many years ago, suddenly finding myself looking at Hitler’s photo in a display window in the center of Santiago, Chile. He wore a cape, and his attitude was hardly natural, more so ridiculous, with an intense look — as if he were trying to impress someone — towards an unknown world, strange to him. He had that little mustache above his upper lip, and his nettled hands, one on top of the other; tense, like broomsticks, to use an expression from Carl Jung (2), who described him as a scarecrow. My first impression was to reject him, disagreeable and laughable. To be sure, Pablo would have felt the same in this case, had he also seen that image. Later, everything changes, as we didn’t know much else, everything will soon transfigure.

Those that were with Hitler, like Otto Skorzeny, Leon Degrelle, Hanna Rietsch and others, with whom he had conversations, maintain contradictory impressions, letting us see that no one really knew him (save for Rudolf Hess, perhaps). For each he presented himself in a different fashion, jealously guarding his secret. An exception must be made to my Teacher, who would meet him on the astral plane, where no one can hide or disguise themselves. And I’ve already written of his impression: a being with a will of steel, a vehicle for a lightning bolt from another world, a transmuting energy of the land and of humanity. To reach becoming an agent of our species, Hitler became a naturist, and chaste. We should view his relationship with Eva Braun the same way we envision that of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, from the Christian legends, as the alchemist and his soror mystica (3), or of a Cathar warrior and his amaxia uxor, his Spiritual Wife. The presence of this woman, of her telepathic energy, communicates the tensions which awake (on the opposite end, like the termite king and queen), and are necessary for a tantric magus, for a vehicle of this class.

So, for certain, Hitler’s Mystical Wife was not Eva Braun, but another. As the first wife of Adam was not Eve, but Lilith (4), or Haisha, Ayesha, the Inner Woman, the one that has not yet come out, or the one which has returned, or the one who remains outside. Eva is a strange presence, concomitant, who appeared surreptitiously, suddenly, as “a thief in the night” and took control of the Countenance of the Predestined One. It is possible that here we have encountered definitive proof that he was an initiate. His defeat would then be treasonous to Lilith-Ayesha, to Death, to She Who Is Invisible, accepting that Eva, the furtive one, the one of corruptible skin and bones, took the place of the Mystic Wife. It is thought that Napoleon was left to the stars when he abandoned Josephine, as when Jason was unfaithful to Medea. In some great archive of the Universe, each hero, each magus, is allotted one Spiritual Wife. And he who abandons them, shall himself be abandoned.

  1. I believe he is speaking of Chilean poet Pablo Neruda (1904 – 1973).
  2. Carl G. Jung (1875 – 1961) was a Swiss student of Sigmund Freud, who later developed the school of analytical psychology. He and Serrano were friends, and Jung even wrote the forward to Serrano’s book The Visits of the Queen of Sheba.
  3. Soror mystica, or mystical sister, is an alchemical term for the female half of the male-female partnership.
  4. Lilith, or Lilitu, was a Sumerian demon associated with high winds and disease. Later, in several, though not all, Jewish texts (Alphabetum Siracidis, Othijoth ben Sira) Lilith is Adam’s first wife.


WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN (Lo que pudo ser)

At the beginning of the war the Teacher told us, “I have seen Hitler’s army invade England. They reach the royal castle and take the king prisoner.”

This premonition was written in the Akashic Record (1), out of his time, in the Circle of Eternal Return (2). Could have been, should have been. It was permitted to happen. So, why didn’t it happen? Today we know that Hitler held back his generals, letting them advance only to Dunkirk, arriving before the English army could retreat, encircling them and destroying them. The war should have ended there, the English were helpless in the isles. Who convinced Hitler? Who held him back? Skorzeny refers, in his book The Unknown War (3), to the treason by Admiral Canaris (4). André Brissaud, in his book about the admiral, Chief of the German Army’s Secret Intelligence Service (Abwehr), relates the admiral’s double cross with Karl Haushofer (5) and his son, who influenced Hitler through his disciple Rudolf Hess, to not invade England. His arguments were backed by the legends of Hyperborea, as England is Aryan, and a part of the Hyperborean continent, land of Merlin, the Grail, of the Knights of the Round Table, Meyrink’s England (6), and of the alchemist John Dee (7), the “Land of the Angels”, of the Tuatha de Danann (8), the Land of the Dead of Sacred Thule.

Hecataeus of Abdera (9), 400 years before our current era, refers to the British Isles as Hyperborea, and Stonehenge as the “circular temple dedicated to Apollo, who visited Hyperborea every nineteen years, when the stars complete their revolutions.” England was the maritime power of the white race, and Germany the earthly power. Hitler was envious of Rudolf Hess’ attempt in establishing the Sacred Pact with the rest of the Hyperboreans.

There exists proof to all of this.

  1. The “akashic record” is an occult term, influenced by Hindu mysticism, used to represent a universal knowledge encoded on a different plane of existence.
  2. The belief in “eternal return” has its roots in Egypt, and states that the universe has a finite number of possibilities, and everything will repeat itself at some time.
  3. La guerre inconnue, released in 1975, French language only.
  4. German admiral Wilhelm Franz Canaris (1887 – 1945).
  5. Karl Haushofer (1869 – 1946), German general and geopolitical scientist. It is believed in some circles, though never proven, that he founded the Vril Society (one of German’s many occult orders using the symbol of the swastika) in Berlin, 1918, and later joined the Thule Society. What is certain is that Haushofer was instrumental in helping Japan join the Axis powers.
  6. Gustav Meyrink, pseudonym of Gustav Meyer (1868 – 1932), was an author, whose most famous book was Der Golem.
  7. John Dee (1527 – 1609) was court astrologer and consultant to Queen Elizabeth I. He spent much of his time practicing alchemy, spiritualism and other occult practices. In 1582 he met Edward Kelley (1555 – 1597), and together performed rituals to contact angels, who supposedly gave the two the gift of “Enochian” (the language of Enoch).
  8. The Tuatha de Danann were a mythical race of god-men who lived in Ireland. According to the Lebor Gabála Érenn (The Book of the Taking of Ireland or The Book of Invasions, circa 1000 C.E.) they were the fifth group to inhabit the island, until the Celts came and conquered them.
  9. Hecataeus of Abdera was a Greek historian circa 400 B.C.E. None of his works survive, and what is known of him and his works are through fragments of other Greek historians.


THE ASTRAL BODY (El Cuerpo Astral)

Paracelsus (1) uses the expression “Astral Body” to indicate an entity, of which man receives influence and energy from the stars.

This subtle body was called Eidolon by Agrippa (2). Same as the soul, it perishes if it is not united with the Spirit. It is the work of the Initiation. Magi and certain initiates can project this entity outside their physical bodies, “materializing it”. Those who practice tantra call this body Linga Sarira, and in sankhya (3), sushnasarira. René Guenon (4) says that man existed and was created in various worlds at the same time, and spoke of “parallel lives”, not to mention “parallel worlds”, or instantaneous “clusters of lives”, which are alive all at the same time, even when, generally, we are conscious of only one. The Tulku (5) consciously live them all at the same time (I will refer to the Tibetian doctrine known as tulku later in this book).

For today’s man, the sequence of consciousness is “reincarnation”, and also the “Circuit of Eternal Return”, life and death. Not so for the Tulku; he is in all parts at all times, consciously, in all the parallel worlds.

The Teacher would see Hitler in the “Astral Body”, as I’ve mentioned before, and Hitler would see him as well. One day he told me, “I went very high, to the top of a mountain, where there is a stone house. Inside, looking through a telescope, behind a windowpane, was Hitler. He had seen me approaching, and made signs with his hands so as to drive me away. ‘Voyager, go on your way,’ he told me.”

On another day, the Teacher revealed to me that he had perhaps done something extraordinary, and that he should mark the definitive moment in the drama: “I saw myself in front of Hitler,” he explained, “He was very close to me, so close his face was right in front of mine. Shaking the index finger of my right hand, almost rubbing him, I said to him in an energetic tone: ‘You will reach the salvation of your colonies, and not a step further will you go. That last part I will repeat: Not a step further will you go!”

Those were the days in which Hitler had conquered France, invaded the Nordic countries, and stopped his armies at the border of the English Channel and the Pyrenees, trying in vain to obtain from Franco (6) (whom was participating in Canaris’ treason) a passage towards Gibraltar.

With my Teacher, we meditated over the significance of the warning. To me, the references to “colonies” seemed absurd, at the level of a subject so transcendental. Quickly, the mystery became clear: Rudolf Hess flew to England, and Hitler attacked Russia.

About that incredible flight by Hess, today we know he offered the retreat of Germany from all the occupied lands of the West, the preservation of the English Empire and its marine forces. He only asked for the return of Germany’s African colonies. He prepared for the great crusade, a return to Asgard, to Thule, the Original Mother Country, marching back to Paradise of the Caucasian Ases (7). The Grand Polar circuit of the Svástika Dextrógira (8) — the symbol of the Return to the Solar Epoch, and the end of the regression of the Kaliyuga.

More so, for this, it was too late, or too early. It was not permitted. What happened? Why did Hitler disobey? Once I consulted Skorzeny about the attack on Russia. To him, there were no doubts, it was inevitable and necessary, it was in agreement with the themes in Nazism. The pact with Russia, however, had taxed an extreme mental tension on the [German] leaders, becoming a contradiction to the fundamentals of National Socialism. This was evident to the Führer.

Without doubt, but insistent, it was too late, or too early. Late, because England was not invaded; early because they could not fight on the other fronts, in what soon came to be a contradiction against declared principles. One should always desire to physically win the war.

  1. Phillip von Hohenheim (1493 – 1541), also known as Paracelsus, was a Swiss occultist and physician.
  2. Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa (63 B.C.E. – 12 B.C.E.) was a Roman statesman and general.
  3. Sankhya, or samkhya, is one of the six orthodox systems of Hindu philosophy, founded by Kapila.
  4. René Guenon (1886 – 1951) was a French author and philosopher in the school of Traditionalist religion. In 1930 he became a Sufi Muslim and changed his name to ‘Abd al-Wâhid Yahyâ.
  5. A tulku (or tülku, trulku) is an enlightened Tibetan Buddhist lama who has consciously determined to emanate in this world, over and over again, in order to liberate or enlighten humankind.
  6. Francisco Franco Bahamonde (1892 – 1975) was a Nationalist (and one-time Falangist) dictator of Spain from 1936 until his death.
  7. Ases are a tribe of people from Eastern Europe, and partially make up the ancestry of the Bulgarians.
  8. Right-handed swastika, or swastika which spins counterclockwise.


A DREAM WITH STALIN (Sueno con Stalin)

The night of the Russian invasion, I had a dream, almost a vision. I saw Stalin on a balcony — below him, in a plaza, a gathering crowd. Stalin made a gesture with his hand, like a priest, or guide, crestfallen, afraid of the future. He had doubt. This dream made an impression on me. Twice, I have had dreams with Stalin during the war. The second one was near the end of the war. I saw him and his men seeking advice from an archive about the Vatican organization.

An event I’ve never mentioned was that, being a seminarian, Stalin lived for a time in Rome with the Jesuits. It’s always the Jesuits! Weishaupt (1), founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, studied with the Jesuits. The Illuminati had great influence on Lenin (2); his tactics and principles were quite industrious in the Russian Revolution.

It occurred to me, on certain occasions, that I don’t need to see the facts, nor do I need to be present, to know how things happened. In relation to the theme of the war, I remember that, a little after the attack on Russia, I found myself in the street with my uncle, the poet Vincente Huidobro (3). As we walked a stretch together, he would argue throughout our conversation, which would always fall back to the conflict. He was against Hitler. He would characterize him with vehemence, pausing once to say to me: “Hitler is the only one who does not know he has unavoidably lost the war.” He had such conviction in his words, where I was certain that he had come from some situation where they had assured him it was so, because they already knew. It was like I was already there, and had already heard. He was a member of a Masonic Lodge, where they explained to him the world pact against Hitler was sealed, and all means were in the hands of Judaism, in this world and others, who enter to work fatally, irreversibly. This includes International Freemasonry, the Catholic Church, and the Protestants, the Rotary Club, the Red Cross, Socialists, Communists, the whole Democratic world and the Grand Capital. Hitler was lost, the enemies’ front was enormous, invincible, guided by extraterrestrial forces, and by the Prince of Slavery and of Shadows.

Years before, [my uncle] Vicente had insinuated that I join the Freemasons. In his peculiar manner of expressing himself, he offered: “If you behave, Miguel, I will take you to where you will be given triumph.” Without explaining I knew what he was trying at. So curious, so curious, because Huidobro was a rebellious spirit, with an almost Satanic pride, who never obeyed orders, he didn’t need help from that species. He intended on changing his cosmic registry, as well as his blood, and this is paid off in the death of the Spirit of one’s Race.

Was it something similar that happened to Hitler, when he disobeyed? Intending a change in the direction of a star, entering dependence to another, which he did not originate from (like the Tibetans or Japanese), where the ray that passed through him no longer fell? Or good Medea had abandoned him, and he could no longer win the Fleece of Gold, at the tops of the Caucasus?

A mystery that is still impenetrable today is the relationship between Hitlerism and Tibet, with Mongolia, and with an India that is not the one we know today – a former India, subterranean. The Teutonic Knights and the Baltic Barons (Rosenberg (4) was Baltic) tried to follow the path of the Svástika Dextrógira, like the Baron Ungern von Sternberg (5), who speaks to us of Ossendowsky (6), who wrote “Beasts, Men and Gods”, as well as Count Keyserlin (7), another Baltic, in some of his various books.

In 1926 Tibetan and Hindi colonies were established in Berlin. At the last battles in Berlin, Tibetans and Hindi were found fighting alongside SS. It’s proven that the revelations about the Jews and Gypsies come from Tibet. It’s possible that Tibetans and Mongols where in charge, like guardians, on the terrestrial surface, the entrances to the underground world of Agarthi and Shamballah, refuge to the grand Guides of Hyperborea.

In reality, Shamballah is KAMBALA (K. B. L.), the center of Esoteric Hitlerism. Its entrance was around Shigatse, or near Gyantsê. My investigations have taken me to believe that around there, one would find our Center. Then, the relations to Hitlerism are not directly with Tibetans or Mongols, but indirectly, as this facilitated contact, the way to, and messages with the Hyperboreans of the submerged world. They were [the German’s] servants (assembly of the faithful?) guarding magical access points. I’ll wait to see that there has not been produced a provocative confusion, passing one another false, adulterated messages. In any case, Tibetans and Mongols today are slaves to shadowy forces from the external world, after their loss of Hitlerism at some stage of the Great War. There must be some profound reason for this.

In my visits to Berchtesgaden, Germany, a tellurian vibration came to my attention, something in the air that instantaneously connects the Alps with the Himalayas, and the Trans-Himalayan Tibetans; Hitler’s high refuge, with the Lhasa of the Dalai Lama, with Kambala. It was for this reason Esoteric Hitlerism chose that terrestrial point, filled as it is with direct connections of magnetic vibrations and grand spectacles, as the sacred center of his New Order, avoiding the carrying on of the final, physical combat, which could have undermined those walks. Berchtesgaden is almost entirely pierced with tunnels and subterranean passageways. The intuitive observer will notice a grand difference in the heights of Berchtesgaden from any other place in the Alps, Austrian or Swiss. There exists no possible comparison. However, there are similarities with Montségur (8), even in the position of the castle of the Cathars and Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest, at the summit of a lifted mountain.

Also, one should remember that Esoteric Hitlerism called this refuge Gralsburg (Grail Mountain), or as it is, the Castle of the Grail. Also, in Montségur there are “instantaneous” and “direct” connections to Tibet.

There exists a sacred geography and geometry, secreted and masked, which corresponds with an architecture that is also sacred, like the one of the Templars, for example, and of Hitler’s, which, unfortunately, wasn’t totally developed. Before the remains or ruins of a Hitlerian building, one experiences something like a quick “exit”, or connection, with the most ancient Egypt, or well, like a Universe hardly insinuating against a plan distinct from that of existence, to those who could pass through this grand Door which is half-opened, in the center of bi-, or tri-location of space, or of the mind — a retreat of either. It is not by chance that the Magus Hitler would feel, before anything else, that he was an Architect.

  1. Johann Adam Weishaupt (1748 – 1830) was a German philosopher and founder of the Order of Illuminati, a secret society in Bavaria.
  2. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (1870 – 1924), born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, was the leader of the Bolshevik movement, and the first head of state in the U.S.S.R.
  3. Chilean poet Vicente García-Huidobro Fernández (1893 – 1948) was a member of the artistic movement Creacionismo (meaning “creationism”).
  4. Dr. Alfred Rosenberg (1893 – 1946), born in Estonia, was an early and influential member in the Nazi Party.
  5. Baron Roman Fyodorovich Ungern von Sternberg (1886 – 1921, born Roman Nickolai Maximilian von Ungern-Sternberg) was a Baltic captain, and self-proclaimed dictator of Mongolia in 1921. He was known as the “Bloody Baron” or “Mad Baron”.
  6. Antoni Ferdynand Ossendowski (18761945) was a Polish writer and professor, whom is best known for novels on the Russian Civil War, of which he participated in. He wrote Beast, Men and Gods in 1922. He popularized the idea that the secret lands of Shamballah and Agarthi were in Mongolia, and helped the “Bloody Baron” von Sternberg in his conquest of the area.
  7. Count Hermann Alexander Graf Keyserling (1880 – 1946) was philosopher and Baltic aristocrat, born in Austria.
  8. Montségur was a Cathar fort, whose ruins are perched at 3000 feet (1200 meters) in the French Pyrenees Mountains, and located in the Languedoc region.


HE KNEW HE WAS BOUND TO LOSE (Supo que Debia Perder)

Nevertheless, with the new coordinates of Destiny, which entered into play after the attack on Russia, the drama was amplified until it was seen to go out of this world, spanning across the Universe. There no longer exists the possibility of realization to the dream over the land, in its primitive purity, Hyperborea (perhaps it can never exist at this crucial point in the Kaliyuga), of a return to the Golden Age. Now Hitler is raising all the levels of this drama up to a grade of irresistible tension, of which he maintained until the end, though his people were incapable of supporting it. He’s left with one last possibility: make it known to the Enemy, once and for all — Manichaenly (1) polarizing the Cosmic Combat between gods and demons, between light and shadow, between fire and ice, “Hörbigerly” (2), in rivers and seas of blood, knowing one will lose right there and then, in order to win in another place and at another time, simultaneously, in a parallel world. Because if he won right then and there, it would not have been the same ideal, the same dream as it was in the beginning, being obligated to bring into the battle of the steppes, together with his Hyperborean crew, those whom did not know with their blood, those who did not believe, because they are not of the pure race of the polar warriors of Lucifer, of the Morning Star. There came non-esoteric Italian Fascists, the French, the Spaniards of Ignacio de Loyola (3), the Catholics, the Hindus who fight simply to gain national independence, the Tibetans, the Japanese from another planet (who, it’s all the same, didn’t attack Russia), and including those same Russians. All the limited objectives that could have been accomplished with the attack on England, the “re-vindication”, as my Teacher would say, no longer existed. Maybe it was never to be, or Hitler and the gods wanted something bigger, more tremendous, more fundamental.

Opposite of what Huidobro thought, Hitler knew he had been beaten, that he would have to be beaten, then and there, to triumphantly return at the end of time, upon “completing his Millennium” (4). For they should fight without surrender, opening the eyes of those who in the world one can see, on the metaphysical reason to this war, unmasking the Enemy.

Hitlerism, like the Templars before, knows that it could not fulfill its program here, because it had been distorted in the combat, and by the natural conditions of the time. It has been exhausted. Only the blood of sacrifice would let him be reborn in purity, in its esoteric purity. Because “one does not forget the color of blood is very red, so intensely red”, as my friend Jasón would say years ago, and “because the blood of the heroes reaches much closer to god, than the knowledge of the wise men, and the prayers of the saints.”

The gods, who know they cannot die, admire and perhaps envy the sublime courage of the heroes who do not know they cannot die, and, nevertheless, enter voluntarily their only life for an ideal, for a dream. Does there exist anything more beautiful? The sacrifice most appreciated by the highest divinity, Odin, or Wotan, is the heroic death of the warrior, the one which produces the majority of earthy fruits. For that reason they are immortalized in the summits of Valhalla.

  1. Mani (circe 200 – 300 C.E.) was founder of an Iranian Gnostic religion now known as Manichaeism, whose basic teaching is that life is a constant struggle between good and evil, seen symbolically as light versus dark.
  2. Hans Hörbiger (1860 – 1931) was a German engineer who developed the theory in which a stellar system may form when a giant ice comet collides with a hot star.
  3. The Catholic saint Ignatius of Loyola (1491– 1556, born Ignacio López) was a Spanish knight, who became a hermit, and later a priest. As a priest he founded the Society of Jesus, also know as the Jesuits.
  4. Serrano is referring to Hitler’s “Thousand Year Reich”.


HITLER IS ALIVE (Hitler esta Vivo)

To weigh it all out, it was so, that the energy of his being, and of his people, came to the point which would win him the world in this battle of titans, of stars and galaxies.

My Teacher also saw Stalin. He told him: “We cannot go on any longer; we’re with water up to our necks.” It was the final moments of the war. A little longer, and everything would have come to pass, but Destiny was laboring on: it could not change. For, with the attack on Russia, two decisive months were lost where Hitler should have helped Mussolini in Greece and Yugoslavia. In only two months, these two countries were conquered, but they were lost by the Russian Spring. How fatal. He could see his end. The landings in Normandy and Italy came. The claw began to close. Then, my Teacher heard the Voice. It was an enigmatic sentence, where even today I don’t know how to interpret it: “See where that woman, who, having power spread out all over, did not know how to vindicate herself.” Who was he referring to? To Germany? Later, on another day: “The skies have permitted Hitler to carry out an act of extreme surprise.” Not much later he provoked the unexpected offensive in the Ardennes (1) with the SS, and the last forces picked by Hitler. Destiny turned here… almost. Leon Degrellé had recounted how all was lost due to lack of fuel for the tanks and trucks, which they had passed without seeing – due to the snow and mist – enormous deposits of gasoline abandoned by the North Americans in their retreat.

In the Apocalypse, in the Twilight of the Gods, Berlin succumbed, and Hitler’s subterranean refuge was inundated by flame and shrapnel, while also being involved in the music of the stars. However, Hitler did not die there. He was transported, alive, far from those territories.

In those days, one of the major disciples – who, like my Teacher, has disappeared – saw Hitler on the Astral Plane. He questioned: “Would you admit me amongst your group?”

Since some time ago Hitler had direct information on South America, sending out [writer] Paul Rohrbach, student of German thinking and its connection to the world, to investigate. [Hitler] also has him go to Central Asia, Tibet and India. We cite only one name, as the majority of those sent were unknown.

When all should have ended, at another time, my Teacher heard the Voice which always speaks. “He was victim to his own mental creations,” it spoke to him. And then, he saw a female spirit, white, who separated, pulling away from the region of land where she had been incarnated. It was a beautiful, luminous spirit. My Teacher thought it might be the Spirit of Germany, her Collective Soul that was abandoning her. If we observe today’s Germany, it is so different, a country of obese ghosts, materialists, a country without soul, that conclusion would be just. This Feminine Spirit could be the one referred to by the Voice, when it said, “See where that woman…”

Time passed; from the skies fell a rain of enveloping shadows. The tentacles of the winner went and covered oceans, cities, continents. The hate and revenge, a plan cautiously prepared, the insidious lie, centered in the education of the young. Taken to the soul of the child and the adult, with the terror of hunger, of persecution, of torture, of the misery, both material and moral, they replaced a heroic climate, the solar greatness, the valor of transparent light, of Luciferian beauty, of the Gral, of Hermes’ Emeralds (2), of the Morning Star, of the Black Sun behind the Yellow Sun, of the Green Ray behind the Black Sun. All of that died there, on the surface of the land. The blood died, as did valor.

One afternoon many years ago, the Teacher summoned me to his sanctuary and revealed to me this secret:

“Hitler is alive. He did not die in Berlin. I have seen him underground. He has changed, his moustache is now long. We faced one another. He approached and spirited away quickly. I called him by his name, but he disappeared below, in the half-darkness.”

This secret, I have guarded for many years, because it was dangerous to reveal it, and even more difficult to publish it. I once told, my adventures will be better explained throughout, of my voyage to Antarctica especially, in 1947 and 1948, to look for a sanctuary where one believed they could have found Hitler, the Oasis of the temperate waters in the middle of the ice, and the “entrance” to the subterranean world.

I have related all of this in my books, Ni Por Mar ni por Tierra, and Quién Llama en los Hielos (3), in veiled forms, due to reasons of that time. In the 1950 edition of Ni Por Mar ni por Tierra, on page 88 I wrote: “These and another very special reason, which, at this time, I will not reveal in this book, were what took me till the end of the year 1947, to plan my trip to Antarctica, and to search all the means within reach for a way to accomplish it all.”

In total war, at the end of 1943, Admiral Doenitz (4) had made the strangest declaration. “The German submarine fleet is proud to have discovered a terrestrial paradise, an impregnable strength for the Führer in some part of the world.”

Where was this paradise?

Not long after the war had ended, Stalin declared, to the United States’ Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hitler did not die in the Berlin Bunker, and was alive. Until this very day, the political reasons for that declaration remain inexplicable, which, in any case, corresponded with the truth, because the Russians never found Hitler’s corpse, or his charred remains. The body they later dug up and took to Moscow was not Hitler’s. Twenty-five years later, Lev Bezymensky published in Russia, a book titled, La Muerte de Hitler (5), with photos and x-rays of Hitler’s presumed cranium, none of which matches the x-rays of Dr. Erwin Giesing and the dentist Fritz Echtmann, who took x-rays of the Führer in September and October of 1944. Dr. Werner Maser, author of the book Apellido: Hitler, Nombre: Adolf (6), whom has deeply investigated this matter, up to interviewing [dentist, Fritz] Echtmann in 1971, and emphatically declared that they have never found Hitler’s remains, “who has disappeared without leaving a sign”. The same should be said of Eva Braun.

Otto Skorzeny, by the way, reveals in his books that the interrogators which the North Americans submitted, while he was held prisoner, always returned, obsessively, to the same subject: “Where did they take Hitler? Where is Hitler hidden?”

A curious book, printed in Buenos Aires in 1947 by an author who would rhyme, with a Hungarian name, Ladislao Szabó, declared that Hitler had been secretly transported to Antarctica by a convoy of German submarines, where the expedition of Captain Alfred Ritscher discovered, at the end of 1938, an oasis of the temperate waters and lands, in the territory of Queen Maud Land (8). Captain Ritscher belonged to the German Air Force (9), which was highly secretive, even when he published two volumes on this. I was only able to page through the first.

In my lecture, La Antartida y otros Mitos (10), read in Santiago, Chile in 1948 and later edited as a booklet, I reproduce the conclusions of Szabó.

Like that, the Hyperborean Myth of the hero’s resurrection, in the Kingdom of Laurin (11), in the Mountain of Red Beard, of the Phoenix Bird, transferred from Thule by inverting the South Pole. Now, coming right at us, were the Hyperboreans of the Great South. All the visions came true. First: “Would they let me enter amongst them?” Later, the Teacher pointed out a Subterranean Kingdom, an Agarthi, a Shamballah, in an interior land.

  1. A region of Belgium where Hitler staged, in December of 1944, what is commonly referred to as the “Battle of the Bulge”.
  2. The Emerald Tablets of Hermes Thrice-Greatest is a short text, which first appeared around 1250 C.E., and was heavily used by alchemists in the 1400 – 1500s.
  3. Quién Llama en los Hielos, printed by Editorial Nascimento, Santiago de Chile 1957 (Spanish language only).
  4. Karl Dönitz (1891 – 1980) was a naval Commander who served in the German Navy during both World Wars.
  5. La Muerte de Hitler, by Lev A. Bezymensky, was released in 1969, Russian and Spanish language only.
  6. Apellido: Hitler, Nombre: Adolf, by Werner Maser, was released in 1971 in Russian and Spanish, and in 1973 in English (under the simpler title Hitler).
  7. Alfred Ritscher (1879 – 1963) was a captain in the German Navy and a polar explorer.
  8. Queen Maud Land is the area of Antarctica, which was claimed by Norway in 1939, named after Queen Maud of Wales (1869 – 1938).
  9. Serrano is mistaken, as Ritscher was only ever a member of the German Navy, or Kriegsmarine, not the German Air Force (or Luftwaffe).
  10. La Antartida y otros Mitos was released in 1948, in Spanish language only.
  11. The area of the Dolomites Mountains, in the Alps, ruled by the mythological King of the Dwarves, Laurin.


MY SEARCH IN THE ANTARCTIC AND THE HIMALAYAS (Mi Busceda en la Antartida y en los Himalaya)

There is no danger now in revealing all of this, because the Democratic and Marxist world, which is one and the same, I know perfectly. It had been paralyzed, suddenly, since 1945.

In Quién Llama en los Hielos, I wrote of my voyage to Antarctica, in search of this “oasis”, without saying what I pretended to obtain, besides, I had knowledge of the polar entrance to the internal land. In La Serpiente del Paradiso (1) I narrated my search in the Himalayas for the Ashram of the Siddhas (2), which are also subterranean, inside Mount Kailash, in the antipodes, where there resides the Teachers of my Teacher. Today, I know that all of this is in the interior, and connected directly to a star – ours’, Lucifer’s – the Morning Star.

In Kalimpong, at the doors of Tibet, I found a man who, passing the time, confirmed that the Order has connections, and influences in matters of recent and past history of the world. More than this I did not know. This man disappeared. The Order has also submerged, scumbled, in the invisible. My Teacher has departed, and everything that now remains is a dream.

I’ve lived like that, pursuing a dream, possessed by enormous Archetypes (3). Also, as a prisoner of Myth. A victim, who knows, all the same of “mental creations”. And like this, I will continue until the end, until it is accomplished in the external, or until they destroy me in their fire, or lift me up in their Vehicle of Light, to return with the Work of the Heroes, in the Wheel of Destiny, in its Eternal Return, when the “laurels will flower” again, as the initiated Cathars would say.

  1. La Serpiente del Paradiso was released in Spanish in 1963, and English in 1972.
  2. A siddha is a Sanskrit term which means “one who is accomplished”, and refers to perfected masters who, in Hindu, transcend the ego, or ahamkara.
  3. Archetype is a term from Jungian psychology and represents a symbol or model recognized universally.