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Pendulous – Mirrored Confessions

There has been a widespread emergence of classic & funeral doom from North American shores in most recent years – as of this past month there has been one band in particular I have focused my attention on which happens to fuse both of these sub-genres together and it is just beautifully somber and brilliant. Based out of the City of Angels, Pendulous have emerged from beneath the curtain of smog and faux-perfection based, neon-lit concrete wasteland.

Their debut EP, “Mirrored Confessions” is only a mere 21 minutes long – it is short, bittersweet and straight to the point. Pendulous executes the combination of death-doom and classical doom genres impressively on the frontline – although it must be noted, both the first and last tracks, “Disheveled” and “Mislaid” remain as intro and outro pieces that are spoken rather than actual songs. The opening and closing of a short musical diary, so to speak.


“Raíces de Esperanza”
Photo Taken & Edited By E.R.M

With that said, things cut straight to the chase in “Reflections” – with a brief, calm acoustic introductory, the first striking riff brings the hammer down after the 30 second mark and the clean, reverberated vocals of E.R.M. begin to follow, combined with deep, monstrous growls which compliment each other switching back and forth. Although “Reflections” is 9 minutes and 39 seconds long, it is hardly noticeable as it is such a crushingly catchy track which will easily leave one lost in transience.

Musically, it is not too much different from what to expect from a doom metal band – the ongoing, patterned notes are what initially draws us in and what makes the sorrow so addicting. The following track, “Seeds” is just as equally hypnotizing – E.R.M’s vocals are executed so perfectly in the veins of Bret Campell from Pallbearer mixed in with Mikael Åkerfeldt on Katatonia‘s “Brave Murder Day” album. The opening riff of “Seeds” is one to be easily headbangable to in slow motion – this is the kind of slow, churning doom which will leave a lasting impression both on recording as well as live.

On that note, it comes off as no surprise that Pendulous have also previously performed with the ones who have held the torch of the funeral doom genre respectively, alongside their forefathers, Mournful Congregation (footage here ). “Mirrored Confessions” is currently up for download and streaming in its entirety via Bandcamp.

Doom your life away.

Track List:

01) Disheveled
02) Reflections
03) Seeds
04) Mislaid

Rating: 5/5
Written by: Tracy T.
Label: Self-released/ Digital Download
Doom Metal / Funeral Doom / Black Metal