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The Noisettes – Launch / Recovery

The Noisettes Launch Recovery

At the time of reviewing this recycled tape from DumpsterScore, The Noisettes were an act that I’d been unable to find any substantial information about, so as an unfamiliar act, I had to force myself to go on sheer gut instinct.

Launch / Recovery lacks any information regarding gear, which actually turned out to be a suitable move. The “A” side, “Launch”, opens from a stretch of silence, to a lo-fidelity tone, repeating on a gradual delay, sometimes forming a doppler within itself, sometimes fading out before chiming again. There’s a low ambient tone underneath the chiming, similar to wind in a canyon. The whole opening sequence is akin to the sound of your phone falling into the Grand Canyon at night. Long stretches of silence and hiss open out to a swamp at night, electric chirps over bubbling electronic sludge and the sound of darkness and stillness.

"The Noisettes"

“The Noisettes”

This contribution to DumpsterScore’s Recycled Tape Series isn’t at all what I’d call music, and I absolutely love that. Amidst all the acts striving to be the harshest or loudest, I find it artistically, and personally, refreshing to see an act that is working from the other side of the spectrum. Sutcliffe Jügend blew me away when they released The Fall of Nature. Failing Lights’ self-titled album on Intransitive did the same, though granted they’re hardly similar acts to begin with. My point is that this release is so much closer to a movie audio track than a “record” — all the sound-work and editing that it takes to make all the audio effects for your favorite film, dubbed to cassette; a fabricated soundtrack using noise gear.

I’ve always been under the assumption that most noise guys have always wanted to do soundtrack work. I know it’s certainly been levied my way post-show by many confused/angry sound guys: “It was like a Sci-fi movie”, “that sounded like a horror movie”, “I thought you were just doing a soundcheck”. Okay, two out of three, but this Recycled Tape is hollow and bleak in a way that a lot of other (absolutely amazing) releases aren’t.

[EDITOR’S NOTE:  These recycled tapes are not available for purchase.  They are sent out as gifts to those whom order from DumpsterScore.  This review was intended to highlight this fact, as well as to give praise to one of the exceptional pieces from this series.]

Track List:

A1) Launch
B1) Recovery

Rating: 4/5
Written by: Thomas Boettner
Label: DumpsterScore Recycled Tape Series (US) / DSR#10 / Tape
Musique Concrète / Soundtrack / Minimal