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Spastic Burn Victim – Care Home Inferno

Spastic Burn Victim Care Home Inferno

With a name like Spastic Burn Victim, you could hardly expect them to be anything but politically correct! Care Home Inferno is the first proper release from the project, even though prior to this they did originally have a digital release entitled The ‘Outpatient’ Sessions. Given that this is the first real offering, and that, if you take the usual witty track titles (including such classics as “Wiped it on a Stale Baguette and Wept Bitterly” and “I can’t Believe it’s not Incest!”) and leave any preconceptions behind that you will need to do a lot of pondering on this release, then you may certainly enjoy it!

Spastic Burn Victim

Spastic Burn Victim

The group is made up of members from the UK noise / grindcore scene and features members of Cementimental and Skat Injector. Even before you play this album, one might imagine that with it being a standard release, 47 tracks obviously seems daunting. However, if you stick with Care Home Inferno straight through to its conclusion, the album inevitably will be memorable for fans of the genre. With such short blasts, Spastic Burn Victim really do manage to get wave after wave of sound to crash out to you, saxophones are fighting over the top of demented vocals and pulverizing harsh noise squalls in the background. Then before you can get your breath, it launches back into another track, which the only downside to is that sometimes it can get a bit repetitive.

Because Spastic Burn Victim has such a diverse group of seemingly talented musicians whom all come from different backgrounds, the future looks promising. Also, given the fact that they were originally formed as a bit of fun, the end result is pretty impressive! With a background like they have, I certainly hope it means that the project is more than willing to push boundaries in regards to more diversity within their current sound. That said, I personally look forward to hearing more from them in the future, and with this sort of no-holds-barred attitude who knows where they may all end up.

Track List:

A01) Offering a Peanut to a Lesbian, I’m in the Band Y’know, it’s gonna be Alright
A02) Strangers in Overcoats
A03) The Man who Married his Own Tapeworm
A04) You don’t have a Leg to Stand on Because you haven’t got any Legs
A05) Faxed Kidney
A06) Anyone in a Foo Fighters Tribute Band should be Taken out and Shot in Front of their Kids
A07) Public Mushroom
A08) Decent Ketamine should be Graded KKKKK. That’s Kerrang! for Good
A09) There’s no Child’s Arm here, you’ve got the Wrong Farm
A10) Rupert Marduk
A11) Black Pudding Handshake
A12) Nigel Havers Celebrity Dildo Challenge
A13) No One Told us there would be Fish in the Sea. The Children were Startled
A14) Wiped it on a Stale Baguette and Wept Bitterly
A15) Mutton Dressed as Wham
A16) Slugrat
A17) Crouching Spastic Battered Mars Bar
A18) Werewolf Circumcision
A19) The Game is up, you Lose an Artery
A20) Raped for a Current Bun
A21) Horrendous Trip to the Dentist
A22) Touched on a Bus
A23) Smiths Disco at the End of Return of the Jedi
B01) Awful
B02) Bit of a Children’s Man
B03) There’s No Place in my Heart for a Monkey
B04) Angry Breakfast
B05) Unsure Burger
B06) What your Cat’s Breath REALLY Says about you
B07) Colditz Salad
B08) Recreational Bulldog
B09) Where did that Blood come from?
B10) Casual Binman
B11) They Only Wear the ‘Baby on Board’ Badges to Fool other Passengers into Believing they’ve Actually had Sex
B12) Dr. Cahill
B13) Help Teach Kids how the Government Works by Simply Taking all their Sweets from them and Telling them to Fuck Off
B14) Fred West Side Storey
B15) Orthopaedic Hooves
B16) The Horrid One with the Sugar Addiction
B17) To Live and Die in Romford
B18) Unpleasant Glove Puppet
B19) It’s Dangerous out there
B20) Sam-Ra
B21) Fresh Legs
B22) Hi Five for Unprotected Sex
B23) I can’t Believe it’s not Incest!
B24) Vampire Shirt

Rating: 4/5
Written by: Rupert Bell
Label: Hirntrust Grind Media (Austria) / HIRNTRUST31 / 12″ LP
Noise / Grindcore / Jazz