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Heathen Harvest “Samhainwork II” album now online


For the second year running Heathen Harvest is proud to orchestrate – and be part of – a unique occasion. We are honoured to bring together a group of highly talented artists in one place, offering music never heard before by the HH readership. Our Samhainwork albums adhere to a simple but important ethos: to celebrate this auspicious time of the year with a musical gathering, respect and reverence for the the beginning of the Dark Half.  The composers on this album have indebted us by offering completely new works from the dark ambient, noise, neofolk genres and beyond.

Samhainwork II follows on from where we left off last year. In addition to the musical offerings which are available for free download here, we are also including in the digital inlay five of the October Obituaries which were contributed by the HH journalistic collective: five individuals whose lifetime work means a great deal to us, and who we chose to honour through our own dedications. Likewise the cover artwork for this year’s release is original as well, contributed by gifted Finland-based artist Veera Pitkänen. Examine the rest of her work here.

Join us as we once more tread the path of anticipation towards Samhain. As we gather together the pieces to adorn our altars and the memoirs of our ancestors for the night itself, these sounds should be the perfect accompaniment to this momentous and important evening.

The tracks in the Set:

01. Treha Sektori – Sorh Tah Evena
02. Sewer Goddess – Nature Of The Black Liquid
03. Anemone Tube – From Anthropocentrism To Demonocentrism II
04. Lamia Vox & Solstorm – Return
05. Arditi – Unbroken Tradition
06. Atrium Carceri – Shining Spires
07. Sky Burial – Nos Galan Gaeaf Rhapsody II
08. Blood of the Black Owl – Spirit Canoe (Hailing Father Sky)
09. Twa Corbies – See-Saw
10. David E. Williams and Jane Elizabeth – Peanuts and Candy (Samhain Mix)
11. Eliwagar – Alver Og Disir
12. Sieben – Written In Fire (Heathen Harvest mix)
13. A Death Cinematic – The Orange Glow of the Cities Beneath the Billowing Skies

Genres: Dark Ambient / Ethereal folk / Martial Industrial / Noise / Neofolk / Post-rock

Total runtime: 78.05

October Obituaries available for download as part of package:

XI. Tatsumi Hijikata

XII. Jonas Bergqvist

XIII. Dilhayat Kalfa

XIV. Robert W. Chambers

XV. Akira Kurosawa


Direct download from Sendspace

Pass: HHin2013