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HEATHEN HARVEST EXCLUSIVE: New Ostara Track "Lone Wolf Cry" Streaming Now!

Richard Leviathan

Richard Leviathan

It was back in March of this year that the first confirmed rumors of a new album from Ostara began to make the rounds in the Neofolk underground, a whispered discussion that inevitably took form when Aural Apocalypse premiered two tracks from the upcoming work on Soleilmoon:  “Debt on Credit”, and the title track, “Paradise Down South”.  Little has surfaced since those late Winter days about Paradise Down South — that is, until now.  We at Heathen Harvest are proud to premier here a new song entitled “Lone Wolf Cry” from the forthcoming album.  Strongly reminiscent of “Calling to the Storm” from Ostara’s last album The Only Solace, although a bit more up-tempo, “Lone Wolf Cry” is a stripped-down, melancholic guitar-and-voice folk song that appears to speak of the cyclical nature of time and history whilst lamenting the current state of the world.  Richard Leviathan‘s memorable and unique voice once again weaves us through vivid lyrical imagery that is filled with evolving symbolic references.  A strong return for one of Neofolk’s most anomalous yet accessible projects from the last decade, then on Eis und Licht and Trisol respectively.

From the Label:

Ostara return with their sixth album, Paradise Down South, a thirteen-gun salute to 2013 that explores the heart of darkness with a spirit of upbeat pessimism.  Richard Leviathan has a long history in the neofolk and industrial scenes, having worked and performed with many of the leading names, including Death in June, NON, Sol Invictus, Sieben, Forseti, Foresta di Ferro and Knifeladder.

The album traverses themes both historic and universal, from the spiritual fallout of the Global Financial Crisis to the darkest corner of Hollywood.  Songs to uplift you to the depths!  Features a guest appearance by Douglas P. from Death in June.

“Lone Wolf Cry”:

Paradise Down South

Pre-order the Limited CD Edition of Paradise Down South Here!

The album will also be available as a Digital Download, both editions set for release on November 4, 2013.

Watch the Video for “Paradise Down South”.

Watch the Video for “Debt on Credit”.