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[Literary News] The 2013 Esoteric Book Conference

The Premier Event Celebrating Book Arts & Esotericism


September 14th-15th.

The Esoteric Book Conference is an annual international event to bring together authors, artists, publishers and bookmakers working in the field of esotericism. In addition to presentations by notable authors and scholars, the conference opens it doors to publishers and booksellers showcasing new & used books as well as rare and hard-to-find esoteric texts. For two days the conference hosts the largest selection of esoteric books under one roof.

Contemporary esoteric publishing, finepress book arts and antiquarian texts are offered to augment the libraries of readers, scholars and collectors alike.

This multi-disciplined conference will feature presentations by contemporary authorities researching and working in esoteric currents both East & West. Western Esotericism, Gnosticism, Theosophy, Mythology, Shamanism, Rosicrucianism, Sacred Sciences, Occulture and World Religions are among the subjects to be represented.

An esoteric book fair and art show will also be on site allowing education, vending and networking in a unique field of literary, historical and cultural arts.

This conference offers several opportunities for promotion, networking and exhibition for publishers, authors and artists who work in the esoteric publishing field.

There will be two days of presentations wherein authors and scholars may present lectures as well as a book fair with scheduled book signings.

On Saturday night there will be an evening of entertainment featuring various ritual performances.


Book Launches by 2013 EBC Speakers: Salomonic Magical Arts

Published by Three Hands Press | Written by Fredrik Eytzinger


Salomonic Magical Arts

The corpus of European magical manuals known as the grimoires, made famous by such titles as Liber Juratus and The Black Pullet, has preserved an important legacy of clandestine magical philosophy and practice in Europe. Lesser known and studied in English-speaking countries, but equally important, are the Scandinavian ‘Books of Black Arts’ known as Svartkonstböcker, many of which have survived intact to the present day.

Containing a wealth of angelic and demonic conjurations, pagan galders, recipes, spells, curses, magical symbols, astrological data and cures, the books constituted a hidden branch of magical knowledge.  Salomonic Magical Arts is two such books of sorcery, originating in eighteenth century Sweden, both of which shared an association through a common owner.

Although both books have appeared in print in Swedish, the editions were in limited editions and appeared a century ago. They have been newly translated into English by ethnology scholar Frdredik Eytzinger, and appear together here for the first time, together with a substantive introduction placing the Svartkonstböcker in their magico-historical context.

The book release of Salomonic Magical Arts occurs at the Esoteric Book Conference, and copies will be available from bookseller J.D. Holmes. Fredrik will be signing copies of the book after his lecture.

Fredrik will be signing books after his lecture.


Isis Magic: Cultivating a Relationship with the Goddess of 10,000 Names

Published by Abiegnus House | Written by Isidora Forrest
Special 10th anniversary edition

Isis Magic

The House of Isis is open to you. It always has been. Come. Greet the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names, Isis, the Goddess of Sacred Magic. As you enter Her House—Her Temple—you will come to know this most magical, powerful, and loving of Goddesses.

Discover the many faces of Isis, from ancient Bird of Prey Goddess to Queen of the Mysteries to Savior. Then begin your own initiatory journey to Isis as you become Her Votary,

Her Handmaiden or Servant, Her Magician, and Her Prophetess or Prophet. At each stage of your deepening relationship with the Goddess you can participate in exercises, meditations, and powerful rituals that will open your heart, aid in your personal and spiritual growth, and increase your skills in sacred magic.

Isis Magic will be available for purchase at the EBC table. Isidora will be signing books after her lecture.

For information about scheduling, line-up, speakers and vendors plus ticket information: EBC