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[Art] New "Walpurgisnacht" Print from Markus Wolff

"Walpurgisnacht" by Markus Wolff

Walpurgisnacht by Markus Wolff

This print is a 23″ x 17″ lithographic reproduction and is limited to 50 copies.

Enquiries can be directed to:  [email protected]

Markus Wolff’s art focuses on the Pagan mythology of his native Germanic lands, bringing to focus folklore often touched upon by heavy metal bands, but with a sophisticated/educated eye. Wolff has been studying the art and ideas of Germanic folk art ever since the inception of his band Crash Worship, touching upon these ideas throughout Crash Worship’s graphics and album artwork. Once leaving the band, Wolff brought this artwork to the forefront, utilizing Pagan mythology in all his endeavors, from the artwork and graphic design for bands such as Agalloch, Neurosis, and others to all of his own musical projects such as Waldteufel and l’Acephale. Mr. Wolff has been kind enough to work with Serigraphic Systems with the release of Walpurgisnacht or Witch’s Eve. According to Germanic folklore dating back to the Middle Ages, during the night of “Walpurgisnacht (April 30th; 6 months from “All Hallow’s Eve”), witches fly to the mountain tops to congregate with demons and devils. It is believed that psychedelic plants were a cause of these visions.

Markus Wolff   |   Heidnischwerk