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[Music] New Release: The Child of A Creek – The Earth Cries Blood with Pantaleimon

” The Earth Cries Blood ” was composed in a difficult period of the artists life. “This is a very autobiographic record where my person is laid bare as never before. The album tells of memories, sensations, vivid dreams, despair, sin, hope, colors, life, death, youth, deterioration.


The Earth Cries Blood

Recorded in a corner of my house, on the sidelines, with the sleek turned to the cold window, this work expresses a necessary parallel between Man’s Sufferings, solitary and suspicious and Mother Earth’s Sufferings always more torn and vicious. Thus, the Man cries Blood and Mother Earth cries blood in a circle unique and indissoluble.”

Pantaleimon (Andria Degens ) is a guest vocalist on the track “Do not Cry to the Moon” This latest offering is released on the Italian label, Seahorse Recordings, and is distributed by Seahorse Recordings and Audioglobe in Italy, and in the US by Eclipse Records, Norman Records and IODA.

Track List:

1 Morning Comes
2 Remembrances 
3 Journeys of Solitude and Loss
4 Leaving this Place
5 Black Storms fly High
6 Terrestre
7 The Long Way Out
8 Birds on the Way Home
9 Don’t Cry to the Moon
10 My Will to Live
11 The Earth Cries Blood

Artist Bio:

I am The Child of A Creek. I was born in September 1978,  in a small town that was too noisy. “Once Upon a Time the Light through the Trees” is my first 6 songs completely self produced album I sung, written, composed, performed, recorded, mixed and produced together in my small home recording studio and a little mic between September 2004 and July 2005 using acoustic classic electric and slide guitars, my Hohner harmonica , my wooden flute, organ, electric piano, timpani, snares, cymbals and various other percussion like wooden boxes and metal bottles. “Once upon a time the Light through the Trees” obtained good reviews and support from Italian and European magazines and web-magazines. Between September 2005 and January 2006 I wrote songs, painted landscapes and created characters, drank long coffees ‘‘observing while experiencing fresh tastes and new moods as stimuli for new material”

Unicorns still make me feel Fine

The small room where “Once Upon a Time the Light through the Trees” was composed and recorded, has been dismantled and I have preferred to go sleeping and dreaming together along with my mics, guitars to my home recording studio, as well as in various friends bedrooms and neighbour’s gardens . New instruments joined the recording sessions like a little Russian balalaika played as a percussion instrument, a wall Steiner piano, an old folk guitar and an Irish bohdran. “Unicorns still make me feel fine” was sung, written, composed, arranged, performed,recorded, produced and mixed between February and May 2006. “Songs for Domestics” taken from “Once Upon a Time the Light through the Trees” [2005] has been included in a digital compilation cd released by the Italian label 42 Records  in November 2007.

Over the years I have had the fortunate opportunity to share the stage with Nedelle Torrisi, Mi and L’au, Cesare Basile, Milenasong & Mark Axiak, Xabier Iriondo & Wu Fei, Laura Gibson, José Gonzalez (for the only Italian tour date in 2007), Carla Bozulich, Larkin Grimm, Moltheni, Ralfe Band and for Marissa Nadler between June 2006 and April 2008. “Unicorns still make me Fine”  was released on September 2008 by the English label Dust Wind Tales  run by Stephen Kent (also known as The End Springs) and once again garnered support from Italian and European magazines and web-magazines. A new song of mine entitled “Loneliness” was included in the digital compilation cd by Silber Media (US). From December 2008 to May 2009 I shared the stage with some Italian acts like Bachi da Pietra, Marco Parente, The Niro, during this period I also played some solo shows, I’ve toured Italy with Sharron Kraus and performed with Midori Hirano.


Find A Shelter Along the Path

Find A Shelter Along the Path” is a diary that comes out from a wonderful day I spent across the mountains on January 2009. Once back home, I tried to remember the noises, the silence, the cold wind who blew on my skin while walking slowly in the snowy valley, the white trees and the high winter peaks and I decided to wait for a while before starting the  recording in order to let these things and the emotions to wake up at the appropriate time together with me.

Once ready to do that, I opened the mics. “Find A Shelter Along the Path” was sung, written, composed, performed, recorded, produced and mixed together in my home recording studio with the 12 string acoustic guitar, 6 string acoustic guitars, the flute, an old German zither, electric piano, synthesizers and percussion between January and May 2010. This particular record was released in conjunction by the Italian labels Seahorse Recordings / Red Birds Records and distributed in the US by Eclipse Records and by Autumn Wind Productions, in Italy by Audioglobe and in Greece by Sound Effect Records. “Find A Shelter Along the Path” obtained good reviews and support from the American magazines and web-magazines (Foxy Digitalis, CWG Magazine etc) and from the European media (Terrascope [UK], The Shadows Commence [SWE]) and from the Italian media outlets as well (Blow Up, Rumore, Rockerilla , Il Mucchio, Buscadero , Jam  etc).

Whispering Tales under an Emerald Sun” is my 4th release to date, it is comprised of 8 songs that I recorded, sung, wrote, performed, composed, produced and mixed with acoustic and electric guitars, flute, zither, electric piano, organ, processed field recordings, loops and synthesizers between January and February 2009. The record has now been released by the Danish record label A Beard A Snails Records and distro labels are Eclipse Records (US) and Norman Records (UK).

From October 2011 I have performed alongside Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons), Drekka, Diaframma, Emma Tricca for 2 Italian tour dates, Giorgio Canali, Alexander Tucker, Charalambides, Edda and played a number of solo shows.

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