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[Music] Mėnuo Juodaragis XVI – Great Baltic Festival in Wild Lithuania


The XVI edition of Mėnuo Juodaragis is blowing horns again, summoning to the burning altar under Great Oak at Zarasai lake island, Northern Lithuania. Traditionally MJR will celebrate the last days of Summer – August 23-25, 2013. And this year the festival will be very Baltic in essence, sharing the ancient mythologies, history and most original contemporary arts. Three days and nights of spellbinding neo-folk, post-folk, ethnic and alternative music, ancient crafts, lectures, films, eco-art and lots of friendly partying – its your best chance to know what Baltic really means! Be welcome!

This year, the theme of the festival is dedicated to our Baltic brothers, Latvians – on the border of Lithuania and Latvia we call both nations to this open air feast, exploring unique music, arts, mythologies, history and many other similarities and differences. Mėnuo Juodaragis is eager to see most original and famous groups from Latvia, covering various music scenes, as well as craftsmen, lecturers, sorcerers and all enthusiasts of ancient culture. Also MJR stages will host great collectives from the UK, Luxembourg, USA, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Russia, etc. and the best acts from our Lithuanian homeland of course…!

Stage performances will of course be the key element of one of the most unique events in Europe in joining ancient heritage with living art of today, presenting magic music and an extraordinary cultural programme.  3 music stages and 4 other different areas will be dedicated to music this year!

Mėnuo Juodaragis XVI – Great Baltic Festival in Wild Lithuania


The main theme for MJR XVI is Latvian ethnic culture and our Baltic brotherhood. This means the Zarasas island (which is only 3 km from Latvian border!) will be invaded by numerous legendary groups.

Alongside the live music, “Mėnuo Juodaragis” is presenting a solid selection of lectures, ancient crafts, warrior shows, archery, tribal workshops, traditional rites, art exhibitions, film screenings, excursions, sports tournaments, dance parties, kids entertainment, and various creative and ecologic projects.

Not to forget wondrous friendly atmosphere, pleasing meadows, groves, fires, wooded camping site, refreshing clear waters of Zarasas lake… and Juodaragis craft beer, made specially for this fest!

Three MJR open air stages are ready to host more than 50 groups and projects of various origins – from authentic folklore to neofolk, from darkwave to avantgarde, from electronic to rock and metal.

From LatviaIlgi, Auli, Skyforger, Vilki, Grodi, Dzelzs Vilks, and many of their countrymen. While the Lithuanian side will present Aistė Smilgevičiūtė & Skylé, Pievos, Spanxti, Donis, Obtest, Vilkduja, Girnų Giesmės and a flock of other original artists.

MJR line-up includes far too many great bands to miss – Rome (Luxembourg), Changes (USA), Fire +Ice  (UK), Folknery (Ukraine), Otava Yo (Russia), Silent Stream of Godless Elegy (Czech) as well as the very best original collectives from Baltic homeland – Latvia and Lithuania!

It’s time for brothers to meet! Let’s do it!

The Location


Lake Zarasas Island

The Black Horned Moon calls to the North East, to the very edge of our country, which allures with the clearest colours of Nature and peaceful dew of lakes. Here, at the end of the world named by the tribe of Selonians with the last rune of the alphabet, where the West ends and the East yet hasn’t started – here the flags of MJR Festival will rise for the second time. The land of Zarasai is still breathing with rich greenery of forests, strength of oaks, depths of primordial waters and freedom. It is a land where everyone becomes a poet and a place where you can walk barefoot.

The land of Zarasai is dotted with small and big lakes (over 300!), mounds (around 30!) and mythological places (marked stones and “devil’s eyes”). The district hosts the oldest Lithuanian oak of Stelmužė and the biggest lake; it is famous for thousands of islands, sacramental wooden architecture, water mills, forests, rare species of plants as well as distinctive history.

The Festival will take place in a unique island of Lake Zarasas. This pearl of Upper Lithuania has been famous throughout the country’s history and has now been discovered again. The island located on the eastern edge of Zarasai town covers an area of 44 ha and stretches almost a kilometre across. Although the town is rather close, visitors of the island will find themselves in a quite another world surrounded by its mysteries, numerous oaks, lindens and pines.

The 3-day MJR ticket price 30-35 Eur. Presale tickets are available from the “Mėnuo Juodaragis” website with payment through Paypal.

For more information and tickets: