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Kshatriy – From Heart to Heart


I feel this is the best Dark Ambient work I have been assigned this year. It has proven to resonate with much of what drives the more romantic and enlightening kinds of art, inspired by mysteries that go so far beyond the banality, hatred and ugliness of life. When done correctly, this type of art, this genre that sees as much saturation as any other, has the potential to heal. It is no surprise then to learn that Brian Eno has taken to composing music for hospitals in his own ambient style.  Eno the Healer sounds like a wonderful title to have. This album is unquestionably more profound than that, there is cosmology, spirituality, and something essential in stimulating the innate need to connect with things beyond us; love. The release has equilibrium, both warmth and ice can synthesize in the mind’s eye with it. One can forget the self, but at the same time, recognize that the self is what reflects the outer glories, as well as inner ones.

From Heart to Heart’ is a title that invokes the idea of a gift, and that is precisely what this album is. From all the things I have been privy to in the last four years or so, and as is with this release, I find that some of the finest purveyors of this genre are from Russia. This is a land that I have always imagined as mysterious in it’s own special, frightening way. Geographically speaking, I remember looking at maps and globes growing up and noticing just how far north this great nation is. By great, I mean large, expansive, and I imagine quite desolate at it’s most northerly crown. I have seen as much political turbulence in both it’s history and modern times as any other country, but it seems especially dark sometimes, as if the Arctic itself engrains its frost into the psyche of those who inhabit it.

Here is a fine representation of the high-quality production coming forth from Russia right now, as the Zhelezobeton label, which hosts the sub-label Muzyka Voln, is building a great roster of talent that makes up the Russian offerings to the Post-Industrial world. My initial impression of this disc was marked well and inspired by the textural and stylistic similarities to another Dark Ambient authority, Desiderii Marginis. While Mr. Levin has an unmistakable flare for the more emotional sorts of spiritual conveyance, the Kshatriy project is more about extending outward.

It is not only about having an awareness of one’s spirit, but to seek ways of using it. The dense soundscapes of this gem are of the rare variety that manages to have an Industrial feel, but those elements are in no way abrasive, they are accents. The more metallic of sounds adorn things as beautifully as the more obvious synthesized ones. The tracks are progressive, indulgent, and highly psychedelic, especially selections like ‘Crystal Hand‘, ‘Sacred Dimension‘, and the title track. This release really exceeded my expectations.

Track List:

01 Sacred Dimension
02 Solar Wind
03 Crystal Hand
04 Rainbow Serpent
05 Possible Planet
06 From Heart to Heart

Rating: 4/5
Written by: Rexington Steel
Label: Muzyka Voln (RU) / CD / MV-VII
Dark Ambient/Drone/Space