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Noism – ±


The information age is a beautiful thing. You can find an obscure film or book or record with relative ease (I said relative), where once you would have been doomed to anecdotal evidence, word-of-mouth, and rumors. No one really needs a record label anymore, and if anything, the argument could be made that major labels should be more focused on finding better acts, rather than manufacturing bigger hits. Having said that, the information age has a dark side. PRISM, Facebook, and spam aside, there is an ocean of information which is swelling and expanding moment to moment. Sometimes, and maybe even most times, you come across a piece of debris floating on the tide which, for all intents and purposes, you have no need for.



With the utmost respect to these two musicians, Noism is one of those disappointing discoveries. Yoshiro Hamazaki and Tomoyuki Akiyama are obviously skilled dudes; one listen to this CD will prove that. Hamazaki shreds the guitar with just as much ferocity and speed as some of the great grindcore names, and Akiyama’s drum programming is fast, frenetic, and simultaneously precise. The tragedy being that, while I can almost guarantee these guys had fun making this album, there is no translation to the listening experience.

As soon as I opened the digipak for this album and read the liner notes, I made a note:   Prediction, Venetian Snares. Good call too, because from the very first notes, ± plays like Aphex Twin on methamphetamines, a coked-out Venetian Snares, or as the giant disclaimer on my page of notes reads:  I’D RATHER BE LISTENING TO PIG DESTROYER.

Even though none of the tracks are much longer than two minutes (2:12 at the maximum), I failed to listen to this entire album. I was only really able to give Noism a solid ten minutes before I started to get bored, and by the fourteen minute mark, I was done. From there on out, I was stuck in a temporary loop of skip-fast forward-repeat.

My complaints really have nothing to do with a lack of quality or skill with which this project is executed. Rather, the quality and skill is the problem. This sort of aggressive virtuosity has always rankled my sensibilities. As far as sins go, Pride is a decent option, but as a vehicle for artistic expression, I find myself turned off.

Track List:

01) Man-I-C
02) DTM
03) Zaporojets
04) Death-Meta-Logic
05) BPM
07) No, Cut and Drag
08) Computer Illiterate
10) I’m not in a Band

Rating: 1/5
Written by: Thomas Boettner
Label: Crucial Blast (US) / CBR67 / Digi-CD
Grindcore / Speedcore / Breakcore