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[Music] Sowilo ☼ Media Presents Changes + Support in Camden

The London date of American Neofolk Forefathers, ChangesRide the Tiger World Tour‘ is now confirmed at the wonderfully intimate folk & roots club The Green Note in Camden Town, with a special guest as support.


This is a once only chance to see the band in London. Please note that the capacity of the venue is just 65 people. This means that there are only 60 tickets on sale, which is why the ticket price is slightly higher than the last show I put on. I’m sure you will understand the costs involved with a touring band. I will not be making any money from the event.

To make this show possible all 60 tickets need to go, so please show your support for the scene and the band by booking early, and by being honest in your reply to the invitation here. Thank you! It really is in your hands – and that’s how it should be!

♦ This is a Ticket Only event. Tickets are £19.00 (including paypal booking fee and postage) and only available from:


♦ Biography of Changes 

Robert N. Taylor and Nicholas Tesluk, being first cousins and best friends, have certainly led intertwining lives. They were both born in Chicago, Illinois, however Nicholas and his family moved to the “country” of northern Illinois when he was about four years of age. Though separated by as few as forty (then) to as many as 1500 miles (now), they have stayed in close contact over the years.

In the mid-60s, Nicholas started playing electric guitar and took lessons for a while, giving him a grounding in notation, chord structure and progressions. However, it wasn’t until he began playing Robert’s acoustic guitar in the summer of 1969, that he found his true passion in its beautifully soaring, natural sound. Soon after, he purchased the stunning twelve-string acoustic guitar with which he still performs today, and the magic of the sound that emanated from this fine instrument inspired him to devote much of his time to practice and style development.

Robert has written beautiful poetry and prose and worked in many art forms from a very early age. Again speaking of the summer of 1969, they came to a realization that by combining Robert’s poetic talents with Nicholas’s melodies, they could develop as a songwriting team. Thus, the musical duo of Changes was born. It wasn’t long until their talents came to fruition and they created a profusion of powerful apocalyptic songs, songs of legendary gallantry, and beloved, soul-stirring songs of love.

They had a very good following in the Chicagoland area and performed at coffee shops, universities and Renaissance Fairs with some regularity until 1975. It was then that they decided to go their separate ways as Robert and his family moved to Wisconsin, while Nicholas and his then wife moved to Colorado.

Flash forward to 1994, when dear friend Michael Moynihan discovered the music of Changes through chapbooks that Robert had created of song lyrics and demo tapes that the duo had recorded in the early 70s. Michael, along with production partner and friend, Willi Stasch, produced an album of Changes’ early music entitled ‘Fire of Life‘. It was an instant success in Europe, resurrecting the duo of Changes and labeling them the “Fathers of Apocalyptic Folk”.

Since that time, they have recorded ‘Orphan in the Storm‘, ‘Legends‘, the ‘A Ripple in Time LP‘ and ‘Lament‘ and have collaborated with several other groups, with either split albums or individual songs as part of their albums. Soon to come, ‘A Ripple in Time CD‘ and ‘The Ballad of Robert de Bruce.’

2013 will be an active year for Changes. In what they are calling their ‘Ride the Tiger World Tour‘, they will be performing at the MJR Festival in Lithuania, several festivals in America and at several venues in Europe. They look forward to seeing many friends in both Europe and America with whom they haven’t conversed for several years.