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[Music] Sisilisko: The Night of The Lizards

The sun will burn your eyes, the wind will tear your body apart. 
 The air will dry your lungs when you breathe.
 The moon will make you mad, you will drown in the seas.
 You will get lost in the forests, misled by the trees.


The night of the lizards

During the nights between Sundays and Mondays, the only time when our whole civilization stand still, we tend to sleep very light. We never go into deep sleep – we get stuck between two sleep stages – like children suffering from night terrors. We crawl like lizards between our sheets and dream unpleasant dreams where we travel through deep, silent and dimmed forests; through landscapes of crawling caterpillars, rotting carrion and growing fungus.

In Finland these nights are called sisiliskojen yö – the night of the lizards.

That is where Sisilisko came from. Sisilisko was born in the forest, ate the maggots and the mushrooms and found shelter in the dead animals. Sisilisko was nursed to sleep in the seagulls squeaks.

Sisilisko has created a musical expression for the dark and unexplored places in our minds; where the daylight never reaches. Where we all are equally small and insignificant. Where death always is present. Where nothing is what we assume it to be.

The debut single ‘Prepare to Die / Under your skin‘ was digitally released in may 2013. With one foot in american folk and the other in doom- and black metal, the dark elements of the genres gets combined, and recreates the barren fairytale landscape that Sisilisko once came from.

Sisilisko is based in Stockholm, Sweden, and consists of Albin Boman and Peter Engqvist. The tracks where recorded in Stockholm in April 2013 with recording technician and producer Martin Nilsson. Drums – Jakob Enlund. Cover art – Veronica Blom. Photography – Anni Alm.