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[Music] Five Days in Lithuania With The Hafler Trio

Moontrix in collaboration with the British Council Lithuania and Anykščiai City Municipality, present the unique five days art workshops from the 18-22 of June 2013, with participation of the famous British artist Andrew McKenzie (The Hafler Trio). Such workshops took place for the first time in the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark, on 4-5 November 2009.

The aim of A. McKenzie is definitely not to recall a model of the previous workshops, but to seek for new challenges, shapes and solutions.

It is worth to mention that A. McKenzie, together with the British cult band Nurse With Wound, has already performed in Anykščiai on 10 November 2012 and expressed his wish to revisit this special place.

89138689The first three days (18-20 June) will be dedicated to the analysis of various creative methods and the prospects of their application in creation process.

During the last two days (21-22 June) one may adapt such knowledge in practice – the continuous music performance is going to last 24 hours in separate spaces of the city, connected by the internet and transmitting the sound through it.

The music performances may be attended by both, participants of the workshop and city residents, as well as guests visiting the surroundings of the event. In specially equipped 4th hall the audience will have a chance to observe the performances arranged in three spaces of the city.

The sounds of the former art workshops will be also incorporated in the lively generated musical wave to be heard in Anykščiai. In future, the worldwide performances of  The Hafler Trio will also spread the river of sounds recorded in Anykščiai.

For those who have registered in advance, no participation fee is applied. The participants are kindly requested to register by email [email protected] until 17 June 2013 by indicating name, surname and phone number.

The ticket price for unregistered persons is 25 LTL (7 EUR).

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