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Hypnoskull – Electronic Music Means War To Us 2


You have been called, to join the armed forces and fight for your country. You will likely not survive; you will see blood, agony, devastation, and horrors beyond any aspect of the imagination. The enemy will be fought with the harshest beats imaginable, an arsenal of electronic devastation never previously heard. The enemy will not know what happened, and when you walk over their torn corpses, you will hear the rhythm of terror.

It is an applicable accusation that dance floors across the country have not heard the likes of Hypnoskull. While most DJ’s are busy attempting to get people to dance playing the insignificant Goth-pop song of the moment, or some other predictable nonsense that could be playing at your local Hot Topic a few of us still await the day when Industrial clubs learn exactly what that term means. Until that day comes, we are left blowing out our speakers with the ferocity of a suicide bomber.

This aural exploration into the fringes of putrid electronic manipulation are to be blamed on Patrick Stevens, a criminal mastermind who uses harsh electronic, industrial, and various techno beats to cause devastation around the world. Be forewarned, his attempts at inflicting chaos is sincere, and your precious aura will never be the same.

Back in the early 90’s, he came out with at least one release a year, sometimes more. After a decade and a half of doing so, he disappeared to prepare for his greatest work yet. Perhaps the one accusation that can be made is he has not strayed far from what his previous works under this moniker. I unfortunately do not have the background on his many other explorations into cerebral aural damage, and perhaps these areas are where sounds have differed. The lack of differentiation between earlier albums is the only applicable complaint.

What I do know is these beats are meant to infiltrate your very being, to make you move, to make you feel. Each song is a pulsating implosive, and when he asks to “show me the rhythm”, it is done with a cautious trepidation that shows maturity and knowledge that what creates the greatest damage is a patient repetition. Not, as some would have it, merely relying on the fastest or loudest sounds.

The rhythm throughout is fairly steady, and for something so incredibly abrasive it’s also fairly easy to just have this as part of your background noise. Imagine a factory explosion, while on speed, and you just found out you have one month to live. That, excitement, the fear and anxiety all mixed into one, is the Molotov cocktail which best describes Hypnoskull. It is relentless, and only gets stranger as time goes on. The last five songs are all collaborations, and while these tracks certainly stand apart, mixing everything from Hip-Hop to Dark Ambient just shows the veracity with which Stevens holds himself to, and the adaptability which has made Hypnoskull a name to know for those who enjoy electronic music; be it Techno, Industrial, or whatever term you like. The sound of your face being torn apart by a machine is perhaps a more apt name.

Track List:

01) standard+poor
02) the side effect
03) show me the rhythm
04) verification of your fears
05) transactions
06) occupation overload
07) elektrattack v2012
08) your failure our opportunity (1977)
09) the payback
10) intravenous preparation
11) mediadeath (face your)
12) the curse on you
13) hypnoskull + michiel de malsche : tikhaya
14) hypnoskull + kubus + rico : dwars door je speakers
15) hypnoskull + needle sharing : haloperidol (laut)
16) hypnoskull + cyboresis : krengg
17) hypnoskull + dissecting table : intravenous execution
18) hypnoskull + _steiner : fear eats the soul

Rating: 3/5
Written by: Patrick Bertlein
Label: Ant-Zen (DE) / CD / act 294
Industrial / Rhythmic Noise