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[Literature] Current Publications From Ixaxaar, Walpurgis Night Carved Bone Talismans of Sancte Qayin Occisor

Sancte Qayin Occisor Talismans

On this Walpurgis Night the C.C.B. are happy to make available a set of masterfully carved bone talismans of Sancte Qayin Occisor which have become consecrated during the holy night of the passed Good Friday, fed with the offerings brought to the Master’s altar during that night and then placed within the Vessel of Ensoulment, in which the Ensouling Tincture was mixed with the blood of the sacrifice spilt in order to strengthen the seated essence and reenact the establishing of the First Akeldama for the fortifying of the spiritual bonds and the opening of the Gates of Sitra Ahra.

From that night of the Good Friday the talismans have remained within the Vessel of Ensoulment placed beneath the central half red and half black altar candle of the Altar of Qayin (and His Bride) for 31 nights, mirroring the mysteries of the 13 related to the seating of this specific aspect of the Master and were retrieved from within the Ensouling Bath of Tincture and Blood during the Monday Night Workings of 29th of April, being the auspicious night before the Walpurgis Night and during that night given the final empowerments of the Holy Saint and First Murderer.

The aspect depicted and the essence seated within these talismans can be perceived as dual in nature and creates a kind of liminal unity between the benefic and malefic aspects of the Master, as the talisman is conjured to grant Blessing, Protection and Illumination on one side and Punish, Avenge and Perniciously Reap on the other, this concretized through the crossing of His Palo Santo and Palo Diablo with which this Sancte Qayin/Qayin Occisor aspect is brought fully to the surface via the Last Rites of Anointment, sealing the consecration of these bone talismans.

The Sancte Qayin Occisor talismans are as such a Blessing upon the Faithful Ones of Qayin, armouring them with His Light and Power, while directing the most baneful emanations of His current towards those that would seek to harm His children, or in other ways make themselves deserving of the Curse. Besides the practical applications of defence and offence these talismans are also enlinked to the deeper mysteries of the First Good Friday, when Abel and not Jesus was killed to Water the Fields and can serve as a means for the attainment of Gnosis connected to the Blood Acre (being within this context not related to any concepts associated with that term within other, for us, irrelevant traditions).

The Sancte Qayin Occisor talismans are circa 7,5cm tall and 4cm wide and as such quite large and very detailed, having after the consecration much more character and beauty than what is shown in the photo depicting one of the unconsecrated talismans. Each talisman have a sterling silver bail attached at the top (not shown in the photo) so that it can be hung on a fitting chain or rosary to be worn around the neck, in concealed manner as in most of the cases when it comes to the employment of the Qayinite talismans.

As these talismans are fully ensouled they demand to partake of the weekly offerings brought to Qayin’s Altar and are as such only sold to those that have an Altar throne already erected for Our Good Saint and Just Destroyer of Enemies.

The price of each Sancte Qayin Occisor Talisman is 1820SEK (~212 euros) including the cost of shipping.

For enquiries and order contact us at [email protected]

Anamlaqayin – Extra Large Bone Talismans

We have a rare and limited set of extra large beautifully carved Anamlaqayin Two-Headed Bone Talismans with sterling silver bails available for purchase.

These talismans will be consecrated individually and in the name of the buyer and the Ensouling Process will be accomplished according to Tradition, via the conjunction and intermingling of the Ensouling Tincture of Qayin with that of His Bride, making the charge given to these talismans very elevated and strongly emanating towards the Side of Their Spirit, Seated as One upon the Qliphothic Throne of the Ravens of Death.

The powers and attributes of the Anamlaqayin aspect are of such esoteric nature that we are limited when it comes to what we can disclose here and in similar manner are we limited when it comes to whom we can sell such an item and as such these talismans are offered only to those that have a fully Established, Worked and Enthroned altar already and will not be sold to those that can not prove their deeply rooted connection to the Necrosophic Qayinite Current.

As half of the charge of these talismans are from the Side of His Bride an already established contact with the Holy Mother is also necessary if the activation of these talismans by their buyers are to be possible, this again limits the number of those who would be suited for the purchase of these talismans.

Please do not contact us about these talismans unless you are willing and capable to prove to us that you indeed need and are suited for the caretaking and cultivation of the Enlinking Point of Anamlaqayin that these talismans will constitute.

These Anamlaqayin talismans are circa 9cm tall and 4cm broad (measured from shoulder to the tip of the scythe) and are as such large enough to be considered almost as small statues rather than ordinary talismans and can therefore serve finely as small Altar Fetishes, while at the same time because of their silver bail also offer the possibility for hanging and carrying the talisman on a chain making them practically portable.

The price of each Anamlaqayin talisman is 2180 SEK (~255 eur), including the cost of shipping.

For enquiries and purchase contact us at [email protected]


Johannes Nefastos

One of the most intellectually sophisticated and in-depth texts of modern Satanism/ Left Hand Path and its spirituality ever produced. This valuable occult study delves the student of the Left Hand Path into a comprehensive philosophical system providing a Study on the Being & Essence of Satan, exploring topics such as the Philosophy of God, Philosophical Anthropology, Eschatology, Metaphysics, Cosmology, and various other subjects of Satanism and Mysticism that will guide the serious seeker to form a complete worldview. With the aim of total unity and of understanding opposites, considering even the most wrathful arguments of the downward path of the soul’s death in an unbiased way, Fosforos seeks to build on the fundamental doctrine of Oneness: the quintessences of both the Right Hand Path and the Left Hand Path are herein joined into one amalgam, as they have always been in the heart of a true aspirant.

The six different parts of Fosforos; Polyharmonia: The Philosophy of Oneness / Discordamelior: The Philosophy of Perdition / Necrosophia: The Philosophy of Death / Pentagrammaton: The Consistency of Man and the Practice of Magic, / Cista Mystica:The Symbology of Satanism / Legifer & Clavis Magica: Ritual, each approach from a different perspective the core ideas of the text, namely Satan and the Occult science of Magic. Despite its paradoxical and labyrinthine manner of expression, often using totally opposing arguments to understand and live for the great whole, Fosforos is not written to be just another theoretical study of the Left Hand Path, philosophical treatise, or Satanic Manifesto, but rather is a work for devotional and practical living, should the reader choose to aspire on this narrow path of Ascension.

Regular Edition: Large size book, 226 pages, hardbound in matt black faux leather with a full-color dust jacket and frontispiece. Spine blocked with red foil and front cover blind stamped with a circle of symbols. First edition of 1100 standard copies. High quality publication with illustrated endpapers. Read more…

The Catechism of Lucifer

T H E   C A T E C H I S M   O F   L U C I F E R
Johannes Nefastos

The Ten Commandments of Lucifer / The Satanic Credo in Three Creeds / The Master’s Prayer in Six Articles / Of Lucifer’s sacraments / Of Demons / Of Magic / Of the Responsibility of the Individual / Of Satan / And many relevant quotations taken from the different sources of Star of Azazel’s literature. 

The Catechism of Lucifer was written as a counter-gospel for the Evangelical Lutheran catechism, but in addition to this, it represents a Gnostic form of Satanism on its own. In this book is outlined the path out of worldliness, out of theology mortally wounded by its false theodicy, even out of humanity taken as something small-minded, powerless and petty. The Catechism of Lucifer is founded upon the idea that by hating the perverted picture made of God by the Christian doctrine, we may truly attain higher possibilities for our Spiritual development and Empowerment. On this demanding but beautiful and meaningful path we are led by our innermost potential of ingeniosity, the divine Master Lucifer.

The teachings within this books are not suitable for masses of animal men whose fears and aspirations bind them tightly to the mortal world of forms. They suit only the brave, the proud, the ones permeated by the breath of Master Satan, the ones for whom suffering and damnation as a price of their own ideals is not a sacrifice but rather a reward in this distorted world.

Regular Edition: Hardbound book, in black antique pattern faux leather, pages pressed on special linen embossed paper. Gold inverted cross on the cover, each catechism is finished with a black silk ribbon and cream colour head- and tailbands. Small size book, 82 pages of religious texts. Read more…

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