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Heathen Harvest Walpurgisnacht I album now online

As the world continues its routines, Heathen Harvest has been working on this second compilation in honour of the upcoming Walpurgisnacht. As the days brighten and the air warms, the final swansong of the dark beckons this 30th April. In celebration of this occasion Heathen Harvest brings you a compilation album to mark this sublime event, featuring all manner of artists and genres from the post-industrial underground, and each fitting to the tone of the evening. However you choose to mark the Walpurgisnacht this 30th April, the sounds in this release are the perfect accompaniment.



01. The Floating World – Between the Sky and the Sea
02. Vestigial – The Grey Constellation
03. Lamia Vox – The Prophecy
04. Funerary Call – Upon the Heath
05. 156 – Mahakala Awakes
06. Iron Fist of the Sun – Who Will Help Me Wash My Right Hand
07. Harrow – Song of the Seasons
08. Inferior Planet – Forget What You Will
09. Consciousness Removal Project – Colossus III: Deadlock
10. Trepaneringsritualen – Elivágar
11. Love Spirals Downwards – Stir About The Stars
12. Miel Noir – Sonnenmann
13. Daina Dieva – The Red Sun
14. Sieben – Anubis [HH mix]
15. Novemthree – Sing of Beauty

Total: 1:26:20

Genres: dark ambient / industrial / neofolk / metal

Download from Archives / Mirror

Pass: HHin2013

All tracks used with permission.