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[Art] The Beat Hotel Series Presents Guerrilla Conditions: A Séance for Antony Balch Directed by Raymond Salvatore Harmon



Guerrilla Conditions: A Séance for Antony Balch
directed by Raymond Salvatore Harmon

6 April 2013 (8PM) – Horse Hospital, Colonnade – London

In the 1970’s William Burroughs collaborated on a series of experimental films with British filmmaker Antony Balch. These films, met with apprehension and disgust, prompted a mass walk out during their screenings. Causing nausea and vomiting when first shown at the Cinephone, Oxford Street, London many audience members reportedly demanded their money back.

On the 33rd anniversary of the death of filmmaker Antony Balch media artist Raymond Salvatore Harmon, himself no stranger to cinematic controversy, has been commissioned to reedit the original Balch footage. Envisioning a boundary pushing documentary that takes the famed Burroughs/Gysin “cut up” technique to its extreme. Harmon will bring this 60+ minute sensory overload to London’s Horse Hospital with a live score provided by the group Imaginary Forces.

“When you cut into the present, the future leaks out” – Williams S Burroughs

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