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[Music] Cyclic Law Update: Pre-Orders are now being taken for releases by Desiderii Marginis, Triangular Ascension, Vestigial, Havan, and Lamia Vox

Desiderii Marginis: “Procession” LP + 7″ Special Edition (48th Cycle)

Produced in collaboration with Sapin’s La Esencia Label. “Procession” heralds the reawakening of the acclaimed Swedish dark ambient project Desiderii Marginis, an album that sounds at the same time warmingly familiar and inspiringly new. While Desiderii Marginis is perhaps not as prolific as some other acts, it’s “quality over quantity” motto always makes it well worth the wait and this is certainly no exception.

The eight pieces that make up this new album stand firmly on their own, and yet form an even more remarkable whole. Johan Levin evokes a grand soundscape, beneath the faded remnants of the celestial spheres where timbres have space to grow, evolve and reflect off each other, a sombre, melancholic thoughtfulness  a calm to dwell in, and long back to. The atmosphere of the album is not that of solid darkness, or an abyss opening beneath you, but rather a wintry pale, grey dusk casting long, sweeping shadows. A haze that makes you uncertain if it’s really getting lighter or darker. We’re honored to welcome Johan Levin’s long standing project to the ever expanding Cyclic Law family.

Special Edition of 99 copies in Gatefold Sleeve with bonus 7″ ep + A2 Poster.
This edition is personalized and signed by Johan Levin.
8 Tracks on LP, 2 Tracks on 7″. Running Time 51:.40

Also Available: Desiderii Marginis: Procession” LP Standard Edition (48th Cycle)

Triangular Ascension  “The Chronos Anomaly” CD (53rd Cycle)

Second full length from Venezuela’s TRIANGULAR ASCENSION. The Chronos Anomaly is a representation of the struggle of man against the illusion of a past and a future and the subsequent degradation of our mind, body and soul. It invites the listener to open their eyes and consciousness to a state where time is but a memory, and memories are but products of the mind, where nothing is external.

Keeping the signature of the previous release “Leviathan Device”, the album slowly progresses from tense atmospheres to soothing melodies and sounds with the intent of inducing a form of catharsis in the listener.

Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel Digipack. 11 Tracks. Running Time 80.00 Min.

Vestigial “Solar/Aeon” CD (54th Cycle)

In collaboration with Ukraine’s Old Captain label, we present a special re-issue of Vestigial’s two first EPs, Solar and Aeon with exclusive additional tracks.

The Italian project points to a dichotomous vestige of man’s biological evolution relating to the degeneration of civilization, where a society enslaved to progress can only lead to a completely meaningless existence.

Vestigial’s first output was the “Aeon” EP released in 2007 and had caused quite a stir in the Dark Ambient scene on its release for the sheer power and craftsman’s shift it contained, where slow burning atmospheres are offset by the occasional harsh outbursts of noise and crackles and underpinned by heavily processed voices. The “Solar” EP was released in 2009 and presented a rawer vision of Vestigial where Death Industrial sonorities collide with intricate ambient passages.

Both EPs are very impressive pieces of Dark Ambient and we are pleased to make them available once again.

Edition of 500 copies in 4 panel A5 Digipak. 11 Tracks. Running Time 59:00

Havan “Yajna” CD (55th Cycle)

New project from Frederic Arbour (VISIONS). Havan (Fire Sacrifice) aims to explore spontaneous forms of aural explorations through instinctive sound manipulations, balancing improvisation with the channeling of sonic energies.

Havan is also meant as a mainly collaborative endeavour and so for this first recording Frederic was joined by Harlow MacFarlane (FUNERARY CALL) and Sarah Rosalina Brady (AMBER ASYLUM).

The album was recorded during a live ritual in November 2012 using Analog Synths, Guitar, Gongs, Bells, Voice and Electric Violin and the result is a stirring elemental foray into the transforming powers of sound and ritual.

Edition of 600 copies in 6 panel digi sleeve. 1 Track. Running Time 29:30

Lamia Vox  “Sigillum Diaboli” CD (56th Cycle)

We are proud to welcome Russia’s LAMIA VOX to our roster for her second full length album “Sigillum Diaboli”.

We are taken on a journey where Sabbatic fires burn into the night, incense smoke dances around the sorcerer’s circle and while whispered incantations are delivered. The album alchemically combines ritualistic elements with vocals and chants, martial percussion, combined with haunting ambient soundscapes, creating its own ceremonial atmosphere.

Edition of 600 copies in 6 panel Digipak. 9 Tracks. Running Time 56:20

Still Very Fresh…

Cycles “Cyclic Law’s 10th Year Anniversary Label Sampler” (50th Cycle) 2CD

“As far as dark ambient labels go, Montreal’s Cyclic Law surely must be one of the greatest. Releasing its first album on 1st January 2002, Frederic Arbour’s label has long been regarded as home to some of the very finest work that the genre can produce. The bands that make up their roster seem to have to conform not only to extremely high levels of creativity and vision, but also have to be able to create deep, lush and varied sounds that both push the genre forward as well as cohere to the long-established traditions of the scene.” Excerpt from the review by  Lysander at Heathen Harvest

To commemorate our 10th year of activity, we’ve collected new and previously unreleased material by most of Cyclic Law’s roster who’s music has been released on the label over the past 10 years. This very special label sampler features exclusive tracks by ALLSEITS, ARCANA, AUN, BEYOND SENSORY EXPERIENCE, DESIDERII MARGINIS, GUSTAF HILDEBRAND, KAMMARHEIT, KARJALAN SISSIT, NEW RISEN THRONE, NORTHAUNT & MULM, PARHELION, SHRINE, SINKE DUS, SOPHIA, SVARTSINN & PSYCHOMANTEUM, THE FLOATING WORLD, THERRADAEMON, TREHA SEKTORI, TRIANGULAR ASCENSION, VISIONS and VORTEX. This compendium stands as an homage to all artists involved throughout the years, and whom with their unique approach to atmospheric music have forged the Cyclic Law Sound. We’d also like to dedicate this release to our worldwide supporters who’ve made this 10 year venture possible. Onward to a new dawn…

Edition of 1000 copies in 6 panel digi sleeve.
21 tracks. Running Time 2:35:00


For more information on these releases and others: Cyclic Law