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HHEVA / Shiver – Troubled Sleep

HHEVA Shiver

Hheva, a relatively unknown project, opens up with their half of this split in dramatic fashion. The use of tribal undertones scores in relative separation from the ghostly chanting that begins almost immediately. This act from Malta wastes no time in consuming the listener in a dredge of natural, as well as unnatural sounds. The beat is mesmerizing and easily absorbed, the chants and the sound of roughed water cascading down the walls of the mind. Though repetitive, it’s only the best kind; a swirling mix of dark goodness that just gets better as the track continues. It’s an important element when the musician asks for 20 straight minutes of a listener’s time. It’s amazing how the simple beat and echoing gray seem to grow more and more profound with each passing minute.

With a typical long-format track, once you’ve reached the end, you’ve had enough, and it’s time to move on. I can gladly say that this wasn’t the case with this one. Indeed, several listens later I had to stop myself enough so that the actual review could begin! A truly consistent, awe-inspiring piece of clean tribal and ritual ambient.

Shiver, the known Italian project, begins Side B in extreme form. A much more rough, noise imbued sound is presented for the listener’s experience. This is definitely a different breed than the first side, with use of much more abrasive sounds, vocal samples, and near the end, straight out screams and sounds of torture. This project certainly deals with repetitive mechanical loops, samples and processed feedback, creating obsessive and hypnotic death industrial, close to Megaptera, Morthound or early Brighter Death Now.

Out of fairness, I have to say that Shiver’s side certainly creates a more visceral experience for me personally. Hheva’s work is hypnotic, nearly calming in its journey, while Shiver shocks and destroys.

This is a fantastic pairing, as one side compliments the other, while managing to be completely different and unique. The cassette medium is also quite nice, as it provides a true underground feel, as well as an air of mystery to this project. This is the kind of stuff that makes the underground scene so fascinating; the coming together of very talented projects, who by themselves are incredible, but when paired together, are indeed a force to be reckoned with. Recommended for those who appreciate the little things, the subtle nuance of mastered sound, and realizing musical genius when it presents itself to them. Phenomenal.

Track List:

A1) HHEVA – Untitled
B1) Shiver – Untitled

Rating: 5/5
Written by: Asche
Label: Diazepam (Italy) / DZP06 / Tape (C40)
Dark Ambient / Tribal / Industrial / Noise