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[Music News:] The Joy of Nature Releases New 7" Single


The Joy of Nature’s first life cycle started with a 7’’ single back on 2006 and it closes too with a 7’’ single, A Ilha Que Perdeu O Encanto, which can be translated as something like The Island That Lost Its Charm.  The single has been released by New Approach Records.

This single feature 3 tracks with the good old The Joy of Nature sound, a return to the origins in terms of sound, but with another maturity. Its sound is mainly acoustic, including some exotic instruments like the kantele (from Finland), the duduk (from Armenia), and the viola da terra (12 string guitar from Azores).

Water flows through the music like it flows all over the island.

The title refers not only to a physical island that lost trace of its traditions and magic, but also to a state of isolation so characteristic of modern lives.

The video of the first song of this 7’’ single, “O Sopro do Vento Norte”:

A Ilha que Perdeu o Encanto is available in two versions: a regular edition and a special edition that comes inside a traditional hand-made bag and is limited to 20 records. Each bag has a different color. This special version is only available through the label.

The regular version is also available directly through The Joy of Nature’s online store.

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